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    Well hello, everyone! I haven't been on the boards for a while because I was at my first year of college, and boy, was it hectic. I haven't been able to write a SAW review because of this, and I'm not sure if I still will, but enough of that; we're all here to hear about CAP!


    You, as Nancy Drew, are called to Castle Finster in Germany to investigate monster sightings that are apparently so terrifying that the castle's inhabitants won't even come out of their homes. Legend has it that this monster will seek out a female victim who wears "the necklace" and steal her away into the forest, never to be seen again.

    I'm not sure if it was because this game was a haunting/monster game and I usually expect this kind of game in October, but the plot just wasn't really that exciting for me and I usually like this type of game. I will give the game credit for staying on track with the plot, meaning the side-plots of the castle's inhabitants are all pretty intertwined with the main plot. However, I didn't like that Nancy was supposed to solve this case basically overnight. I know Nancy is a super-sleuth, but I find it totally unrealistic that even she could solve this mystery in one night.
    Plot: 6/10

    Karl: He's the burgermeister, basically the mayor of the castle. He's friendly but a little wacky due to his love of games, and he is seriously worried about how the monster is affecting the people of the castle. It seems like he doesn't really like his job at the castle, but what's keeping him from leaving?
    Anja: One of my favorite characters. She's the castellan and unlike Karl, she loves her job. She's very determined and friendly, although she often voices her disagreement with the way Karl runs the castle. Could she resent him enough to cause all this?
    Renate: An interesting old storyteller that voices her opinion in a very matter-of-fact and almost poetic way, no doubt because of everything she's seen in the world. She's distanced from the other characters in the game because she has a reputation for coming to the castle whenever there's a monster sighting. Is this more than a coincidence?
    Lukas: The castle prankster, son of the head of security, and Anja's nephew. Another one of my favorite characters, he's a very enthusiastic kid who loves to pull pranks on Karl and play games with you. Karl hasn't been able to catch him in the act yet, but could Lukas's pranks be more than meets the eye?
    Markus: He's a phone friend and the owner of the castle. He's a little full of himself and he's coming tomorrow to show some investors the castle. Could he be trying to put on a show for them?

    All in all, the characters were diverse and interesting, although some more than others.
    Characters: 8/10

    We asked for it, and I have to say, we got it. There was a lot more snooping around people's stuff in this game, and the fact that there's so much to explore inside and outside of the castle made this game feel a lot more like a Nancy Drew game than some of the ones in the past. Still not up to my desired level, but extremely close. And what can I say? Maybe I just love snooping too much! XD
    Snooping: 9/10

    If you ask me, the puzzles were so much easier to handle in this game than in the last few. I felt like some of the more recent games had taken a turn toward logic and sudoku-type puzzles, but not anymore in CAP. There weren't too many puzzles and they weren't too difficult or too easy, except maybe the last one. I didn't use any spoilers. This may be the factor that made this game really feel like a Nancy Drew for me. Also, none of the minigames were really required to do, so it was nice to know they were just there as a fun thing to do on the side when we were stuck rather than some tedious task we had to do to advance.
    Puzzles/Games: 10/10

    Counting sleep and breaks, it probably took me about 8 hours to finish this game, and I was playing on Senior. However even though it was short, I felt really satisfied with it when I was done, so don't let the apparently short length worry you.
    Length: 7/10

    I liked how the music in CAP was unique but at the same time was really reminiscent of some past games. There was one piano piece that I really liked in its repertoire.
    Music: 8/10

    The culprit became pretty obvious as the game went on and I actually guessed who it was pretty early, although I had my suspicions about another character for a while. The ending was not all that exciting. Their motive was a little weak, but that can happen sometimes, I guess. There were also some unanswered questions in the end, and I feel like if there was more time taken to answer them the game would have felt more satisfying and longer.
    Culprit/Ending: 5/10

    Next game
    Let's just say I'll find it very interesting to see how HER pulls this off. It's definitely what a lot of us have been asking for, but at the same time some people could be disappointed by what it reveals. It seems like it'll make for an interesting game, though.

    I liked CAP, even though it didn't become one of my favorites. Probably what I liked most about it is that it really felt like a Nancy Drew game with its characters, snooping, and puzzle style. I would highly recommend this game to any ND-player and even to someone new to the Nancy Drew games because I feel like this game really presents what a Nancy Drew game should be while not being too difficult or too in-depth. In short, a good and solid Nancy Drew game.

    *EDIT*I wanted to put this in, but I guess I forgot, haha. I wanted to give a rating for the game overall. I would give it a 7/10.*EDIT*

    Well, that's my review! If you have any more questions or ideas about what I could add on to make my reviews better, just let me know!

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    Excellent review StarMaiden. If I had written a review, it would probably be exactly like yours. I felt the same way about everything! I loved that there was so much more snooping. I have to say that I got lost quite a bit in this castle and in the passageways. Forget the forest - I went in circles most of the time. I too guessed the culprit very early in the game and I thought the way the culprit was captured had been done before. However, that said, I enjoyed playing CAP and I really appreciate you taking the time to write such an in-depth review.

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