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  • Oh Curses! «« A {CAP} Review!

    OH CURSES! «« A {CAP} Review by ItsDaniLove!

    1. Setting (8/10)
    The castle was gorgeous. It did a great job of confusing me for a while before I got used to the layout, to be honest, which I loved. The courtyard was just as pretty, although there were a lot of spots there that you didn't do anything with. In fact, you didn't really do anything in the courtyard.. it was rather disappointing. The courtyard definitely could have been included more. The forest did a pretty good job of freaking me out the first time I found it.. and I surely got lost more than once. Ended up walking in circles. I wish that they could have included the fact the area around the boulder more though. The passageways were pretty spooky, very detailed and rather confusing to navigate. It was nice. There were not that many places to visit though, which was dissapointing.

    1. Characters (9/10)
    The characters in this game were definitly interesting. A lot of people have said that it was obvious as to who the culprit is. I noticed who it was right away.. but then as the game developed I was constantly changing my mind (and I ended up being WAY off at the end. Oops.) It really could have been almost anybody. My favorite character has to have been Renate. She was just so interesting to listen to.. and I loved all the metaphors everybody used. Favorite character quote; from Markus: "It is so far out of the Realm of Posibility that it has crossed the Sea of You Are Wrong and landed in the Realm of Ludicruis Accusations. But I do admire your thoroughness. Good Hustle."
    The monster; The first time I saw the monster, I was playing with my best friend and we both literally jumped out of our seats and let out a small scream. Did a rather good job of developing the creepiness factor.

    3. Length (4/10)
    This game was abnormally short, that's for sure. I finished it within 5 hours of play.. including food breaks. I only had to look up help once, and even then all the puzzles are rather simple. I miss the games that would take me days to complete, and would leave me excited to find out what happened next. This game was really short.. and almost seemed to progress without me doing much.

    4. History (7/10)
    I loved back when you would actually have to read the books and use the clues inside them to continue. There were a lot of books in the castle, most of which you could read, but none of which you had to read to get clues. I remember when we used to actually learn things throughout the game, things that you might use later in school. (Things that I have used later in school.. and used playing Nancy Drew games as an excuse to study, in fact.) For example, Marie Antonette's favorite color is purple (TRT). What did I learn about Germany? Uh... they have castles?

    5. Ending (8/10)
    Rather anti-climatic. There wasn't any thrill, or sitting on the edge of my chair trying to think up a way to escape. The ending puzzles were very good though. The most complicated ones in the game. Maybe if you were timed it would have been better.

    Overall (8/10)
    I definitly reccommend buying and playing this game. It is by far one of the better of the newer games. SAW and WAC were way better than CAP. CAP is better than TOT and RAN though. (TRT, SHA, SAW, and WAC are still my four favorites.)
    I'm very very excited for the new game to come out! Can't wait!
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    Great review! I agree with everything you said, especially the length and the history sections. Also with the setting section, I like how you say that the castle and the forest are detailed but there isn't exactly a lot of places to visit. I feel like if we could have examined more things in the places given to us it would have felt bigger. Good job!
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      Nice review, you get reps! I can't wait to play this one!
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        My favorite quote is "WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DRIVE? WAS IT THE STUPIDEST DOG ON THE EARTH? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I tell you Nancy, people have no manners these days." -Markus

        Great review! I do miss the learning about things (one of my favorite things in WAC.) and being able to use that knowledge in class or something. There was a little bit (the German vocab, the monster book) but not enough.
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