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CAP game review, from someone who was hoping it would be scary

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  • CAP game review, from someone who was hoping it would be scary

    Sleep with an eye open...
    From someone who was hoping it would be scary

    I really hope I've fairly reviewed this. As always, I love good, creepy movies and games. I played this game for the first time ever a couple days ago. Here's what I think... (I think. I'm still a little shocked.)

    Technical issues: The voices sometimes got cut off. It didn't happen too often and the animation for the characters made them fun to watch. There were a couple times you saw people and things moving outside of their designated spots, which I absolutely loved; when they only stay in one place the fact that you're playing a game is very obvious.

    Setting: The setting for this game, hmm... Well, it was all set at night. In one night, grr. But the castle was fine, the woods were easy to get lost in but not too bad, and the underground parts were fabulously weird. I liked those. There's an animal skull in one that surprised me the first time I saw it.

    Music: I loved the music for this game! It wasn't as good as SAW--I don't know if they'll ever top that, I absolutely loved that music--but it was very, very good. It suited the setting and never failed to present a creepy atmosphere. The music's constant presence is a bit like the constant presence of the monster, always there, possibly about to turn violent...

    Puzzles: The puzzles were actually pretty easy this time. If you're like me, that's a good thing. I got impatient and looked things up maybe 2 or 3 times, but I didn't spend too much time wandering around wondering what I should do.

    Characters: Okay so out of the four characters... there's one that's hilarious, that'd be Lukas. Karl is too goofy to be creepy, too, and Anja feels like a real, normal person. Renate was pretty cryptic sometimes, and she felt genuinely pained sometimes, too. The monster (does it count?) looked pretty creepy!

    Plot: The plot was figuring out what the monster was and stopping it. I kind of wish we could have learned more about what happened in the past, but I guess that could've dragged the story down, so it was pretty good. The Ned thing is only at the beginning and honestly didn't bug me too much.

    Cheesiness: It would be pretty much perfect, no problems, except... the gift shop. I know they need to show how the castle is being turned into a tourist spot. But it's so... tourist-ey. Oh well, the rest of the castle and everything is good.

    Deaths: Except for when you're caught snooping, all the deaths are lethal. Some of them are pretty intense, too. They surprised me! So these are pretty great deaths.

    Overall, how fun it was: This game was super funny. Or at least the characters were. Markus and Lukas especially, although sometimes Anja and Karl would say funny things too. Like I said earlier, the puzzles weren't too difficult, so they weren't distracting. It was fun!

    Overall, how scary it was: It was pretty darn scary. The monster pops out at you a couple times and I got Nancy knocked out without even realizing what I was doing. After that happened it really put me on edge. I heard people saying the ending was bad, but I don't think it was, really. Still not as scary as SAW, but I'm starting to think maybe yurei and onryo are my weakness...

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 4/5. Good to see it moving around.
    Setting: 4/5. The setting was appropriate.
    Music: 5/5. Good and creepy!
    Puzzles: 4/5. Easy enough, not distracting.
    Characters: 3/5. All either funny or sad.
    Plot: 4/5. A good mystery.
    Cheesiness: 3/5. Good, besides the gift shop.
    Deaths: 4/5. Intense, lethal deaths.
    Fun factor: 4.5/5. Fun and funny!
    Scare factor: 4.5/5. It may make you jump.
    TOTAL SCORE: 40/50. That's 80%. I don't know if I honestly reviewed this. I love Germany but have never been there. I want to add, too, that I like that they included concern over turning the historical sites of the area into tourist traps. I would guess in older countries like that they worry about losing their real histories.
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    Ok so I gotta disagree on 1 part..

    Technical part- I don't about you but my game went pretty smoothly; no cut off.. Looking back the other games, HER keeps improving and improving as they go! Loved the graphics in this.

    As far as the rest of the review...totally agree. It like you read my mind and put it online...

    CAP was pretty darn scary....


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      Fantastic Review! What else can I say? Reps given!
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