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    [[ṃّṉṡτεɾ]] ṡïģhτïģ ّṉ сαṡτlε ģɾّυṡ!
    τhïṡ εṡαģε ώïll ṉّτ [[ɾερεατ!]]

    [[ïṉτɾّḋυсτïّṉ]]: Welcome to my Captive Curse review! Im Nikoletta. Ill be trying to do a review of every game; this is my first because I recently replayed CAP.Like many of you other Nancy fans, I was extremely excited when the trailer for CAP played at the end of SAW. Not only am I myself German, but I thought it was peculiar that though this was a summer game, it seemed darker and had less light of a theme as most of the summer releases do.

    [[ατṃّṡρhεɾε]]: The atmosphere of CAP was definitely creepy. It wasnt as much so as SAW, because the music wasnt as ominous, but it still had its moments. The whole game takes place during the night, so there is little relief from the darkness, especially when you explore outside. The overall atmosphere (music, graphics, overall feeling of the game) was very well done and one of its strongest points. HER is steadily improving their characters movements and they are becoming highly realistic. The music wasnt as memorable as SAWs, but it fit the mood just right. I think that CAP had the perfect balance of scare factor in the atmosphere of the game to keep a player on their toes, yet it wasnt too dark that I wanted to wait until October to play. [10/10]

    [[Ρlّτ]]: The plot was particularly interesting; the trailer certainly lent itself to the intrigue of the plot. You, as Nancy Drew, must figure out why a whole community is scared silly, locking their doors tightly, always in a panic. There is the legend of the monster that overshadows the fear, and Nancy slowly finds herself caught in the middle, maybe more so than she would like, in a dark myth. The beginning was set up very well, with perhaps a little too much dialogue concerning the monster, and all the details of the legend. However, the plot is the weak point to this game, above everything else. Concerning the legend, the plot doesnt end well. There are so many loose ends, so much more I felt HER couldve done with the history of the castle and its inhabitants. The plot holes dont necessary ruin the game experience; I will still say its very fun to play; however, it did leave me deeply frustrated at the end. [4/10]

    [[lεṉģτh]]: This issue lends itself to the problem of the plot and plot holes. The game was, by far (besides maybe the first 5 original games, which are also considerably short) the shortest Nancy Drew Adventure game by far. I didnt use any spoilers, and for an older player like me, it took only about 8 or so hours to finish, I was done in two days. Very disappointing; especially considering the price. I want a game that takes me awhile, that I can come home every day after school and play for about a week. I guess that means a game with about 15+ hours would be nice. HER did used to advertise that on the boxes for the games. But thats beside the point. What Im trying to say here is, if the game had been longer, the plot could have been more developed and wrapped up and leave less questions at the end, and vice versa. I think lengthening this game would be a lovely cure to all the little unsolved mysteries at the end. [3/10]

    [[сhαɾαсτεɾṡ]]: The characters were by far the most outstanding part of this game. Well done, HER! It was refreshing in the sense that every character was a unique individual and didnt feel like they ran together in the way of personalities, like they have in some games. They each have secrets about their pasts to uncover, and quirks about them. They felt like real people. This is hard to create in a video game.

    Anja Mittlemeier: Anja manages the gift shop and is in second command to Karl, mentioned below. Anja was by far my favorite character. Right off the bat she is very interesting to talk to, and her personality developed quite nicely over the entirety of the game. She reminded me of those people you sometimes meet in class that confide in you about their problems. Anja definitely complained to Nancy, but she wasnt annoying about it.

    Karl Weschler: The castles burgermeister, or mayor. He was a funny character who seemed to bumble about life, his every movement was clumsy and hilarious. However, he also had secrets to confide and a story about his past, which made him not only a source of comic relief, but an in-depth character like the others. He almost seemed to be going through a bit of a midlife crisis of sorts

    Lukas Mittlemeier: A little boy, the son of the security guard as well as Anjas nephew. He was always fun to talk to, the little troublemaker. Reminded me of an actual kid I babysit for. Needless to say, I wont give away anything, but he had his struggles and his funny moments, another excellent character that really captured the essence of a child without seeming to overdo it.

    Renate Stoller: A travelling storyteller with a bad reputation. What is this reputation? Play and find out. Though she did have her secrets and past, along with a unique personality, she was my least favorite character. I felt like half the things she said didnt make sense. Which actually, in retrospect, related to her character because she was so old. She was entertaining, but sometimes a tad boring and only told one story. Shes always preaching life lessons to Nancy, but dont you think a storyteller would do that in the form of a story? Thats the only problem I had with Renate.

    All in all, I loved the characters in CAP. One of HERs best efforts. [10/10]

    [[ρυʐʐlεṡ]]: Overall, I was very pleased with the puzzles in CAP. However, if you are someone that loves puzzles, beware: there are a considerable amount of them, but even on senior level I found they werent that difficult and didnt take much brain-power to complete. That being said, is one agonizingly frustrating puzzle, but I prefer a happy medium. Im not a big puzzle person. So, if youre not that into puzzles like me, this game is good in that area and you should be able to complete it without (much) help. [8/10]

    [[ṉαṿïģατïّṉ]]: This was another area of CAP that I thought was kind of iffy. For younger players, I would speculate that finding the way around the castle would be especially difficult the first few times playing, as it took me awhile to familiarize myself in my surroundings. The castle was not the only place that was difficult to find your way through however; it seemed every area you could go was a struggle to explore completely. On the upside, even though there were no new unlocked locations as the game went on (outside the castle grounds that is0 but because the few areas you could go were so big and diverse, the location never got boring. [7/10]

    [[ṡṉّّρïṉģ]]: Ah, a fan favorite of the ND Adventure series. Though this game is not chock full of it, it still is present and a very fun element of CAP. My only complaint was that it extremely easy to lure the respected characters from their locations and far too easy NOT to get caught. The danger/adrenaline element is the most fun part about snooping, no? [6/10]

    [[εṿεṉτṡ//ṡυṡρεṉṡε]]: This game definitely made me jump a couple of times. I believe it had just the right amount of cut scenes/events to move the plot forward and maintain the balance of suspense versus investigation time. I cannot stand if this element is left out of the games, and CAP certainly did not disappoint. [10/10]

    [[ṡсّɾε]]:Total: [54/80]

    Grade: C-

    Dont look too much at the totals for this, these are the technical number values, but dont be fooled: CAP is still a great game, and almost among my favorites. However, the length and plot are huge parts of a mystery game that I don think can be taken lightly, they make the mystery. However, if you are a younger player this game may take longer and therefore be more satisfying, the characters/suspense factor almost make up for the plot holes; overall a solid game.

    **I apologize for any typos, I typed this quickly and mistakes are hard to correct because of the fading. :X
    Thanks for reading my review, hope you found it helpful!
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    Hey. :)

    Great review, I really enjoyed reading it!

    I agree with you on the plot, I felt like it could have been much more developed. I would've loved to have more German history, or made-up story about the castle's/monster's past, and what not.

    I did wish that we could've touched more in our surroundings, although I thought the setting was really pretty, and fun to explore. [I had the hardest time navigating in the beginning though!]

    Even though I have a few complaints, I really enjoyed this game overall. The character's were great, the atmosphere was spooky, the puzzles were fun. I really enjoyed it. :)

    Awesome review, hope to see more in the future. ;)

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