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Captive Curse - Reveiw by felicity18

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  • Captive Curse - Reveiw by felicity18

    This game takes place in Germany at Castle Finster. Its all about this monster who's been scaring everyone. The characters in this game were good but not great.

    Karl the mayor. I don't like him very much because he seemed like a one sided character and lacked depth. Anja is the castle castellan. She was a good character but not really interesting. Lukas was the little boy in the game who liked to play pranks. He was a very useful for information about the castle and the people in it. Renate is the travelling story teller. She was a very interesting character and unique. I enjoyed talking to her very much.

    This game is fun but there's nothing really special about it. The only really interesting thing about this game was Nancy's argument with Ned over the phone. After their reconciliation, Nancy calls Frank Hardy and he almost sounded disappointed that Nancy and Ned got back together. It was a pretty strange conversation. they could of done more work on the plot line in this game.

    The question that I think should of been answered was what really happened to those girls who were taken by the monster all those years ago. There was no solution to the historical part of the story in my opinion. All in all its a good game but not anything really special.

    So I give The Captive Curse a 6 out of 10.