Nancy Drew 24: The Captive Curse

Plot: The legend of the monster of Castle Finster is as old as the castle itself: every few years, a terrifying monster will descend on the castle and escape with a victim in its grasp. In the present day, the monster sightings have become more recent, scaring off visitors and frightening the townspeople. It’s only a matter of time before another victim is taken, so the castle’s owner calls in you, Nancy Drew, to solve the mystery! However, who or what is behind the monster sightings may just have picked Nancy for their next victim.

Setting: Willkommen in Deutschland! * Welcome to Germany! I was very intrigued to hear that this game would take place in Germany, and I was not disappointed. Everyone had an accent (which is important to me because I love accents and feel that not everyone always has them in games) and although I have never been to Germany, I definitely felt as if I was in medieval Germany! The castle is beautiful and the outside/forest is very creepy as well. I wish that we could’ve explored the courtyard a bit more; there wasn’t much you could do there besides enter the castle and leave to go to the woods. Inside, however, was better. I’m a huge fan of secret passageways, tunnels, and everything that comes with those, so the castle was pretty perfect.

Characters/Phone friends:
Karl: The bügermeister is quite the eccentric man, who is currently creating and trying to sell his board game, Raid. Now I was never a fan of board games in ND games, and this one is no different (thankfully, you don’t have to actually play it in order to advance in the game).
Anja: Gossipy and friendly, the castellan of the castle is found behind the gift-shop counter of the castle and is always ready to provide answers and gossip to Nancy’s many (many) questions.
Lukas: One of the best child characters! Spunky, mischievous, smart and funny, Lukas is the son of the head of castle security and spends his days pulling pranks on an unsuspecting Karl. He is a very adorable character and I loved talking to him.
Renate: A travelling storyteller, I enjoyed listening to her sass and stories, and figuring out her own personal connection to Castle Finster.
Markus: The owner of the castle and the one who hired Nancy in the first place, he is only a phone friend but is useful for information on the castle and its inhabitants.
Ned Nickerson: I really don’t have to describe him, do I? ;D He and Nancy’s exchange in this game surprised me very much when I first played it, but was a nice change!
Fred & Joe Hardy: Fellow detectives, been in many games before, you all know how amazing they are! They are here to provide hints and tips and funny quips while on your journey.

Puzzles: I actually enjoyed these puzzles! They weren’t too bad, and only one really took me awhile, but it still wasn’t too bad.

Scare factor: It gave me quite the creeps the first time I played! I am an avid scary movie watcher so not much scares me anymore, but this game was creepier than scary.

Ending: Honestly, the ending ended just a little too quickly for my taste. You have to correctly guess the suspect, which I liked, and although I had narrowed it down, it still wasn’t blatantly obvious who it was. I wish it had been a bit longer or interesting, but that’s really all I have to complain about!

Overall: A very enjoyable game! I would highly recommend it, and it is definitely one of my favorite games.
* I do hope that is correct, and I apologize if it is not! I only speak English and the tiniest bit of French ;)