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Not The Best Game, But My Favorite

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  • Not The Best Game, But My Favorite

    The thing I remember most vividly about CAP is that it was the second Nancy Drew game I played, SAW being the first. I fell utterly in love with this game for many reasons. I love a lot of other ND games, and I've recently just started playing the PC games, but CAP has still remained my favorite. Keep in mind I'm not saying this game is perfect. There are certainly a few issues I have with this game. I just like it the best.

    ~What do I like about this game?

    Before I say anything else, I want to say the thing that dragged me into this game:
    The setting choice.
    For as long as I can remember I've been learning German, studying Germany's history, planning a trip to Germany. In fact, I'm visiting in Spring. Point is, I'm absolutely in love with Germany and the fact that this game takes place in that very country just won me over immediately.
    I also admire the characters. Sure, they're not my absolute favorite ND characters (Dylan is my absolute favorite, and he's from TMB), but I still love 'em all. Personally, my favorite is Anja (though Marcus says my favorite lines). I also really enjoy the plot idea. I'm fascinated with the setting, characters, plot, game play, and lots of other things about this game!
    This game even scared me a little the first time around! It didn't scare me as much as SAW did, though, and I like that factor, being able to loosen up after a game that for sure gave me nightmares (and a temporary fear of the dark!) for a few days. It's not horribly spooky, just a few moments here and there. To be honest, I was mostly scared just walking around the castle! The graphics also aren't the best, but they're not horrible, they're actually pretty decent. And the soundtrack. Mph, the soundtrack! Gorgeous!

    ~What DON'T I like about this game?

    Remember when I said this is my favorite game yet there's issues I have? Yeah. There's a few. First of all, some of the puzzles were a little too easy for me. Normally I wouldn't mind a bunch of easy little puzzles (I would even cope with a LIES amount as long as they were all a little too easy), but I felt there just weren't enough puzzles to justify how easily I got through most of them, even on Senior. However there were also a few I just didn't have the patience for and really got on my nerves (though there were very little of them). It's just not a good combination in my books. Another issue I have is the maze in this game. Uck. To avoid potential spoilers, I won't specify anything about it, but it's just so confusing for me, and the fact you have to physically find the map in the maze to receive one? No thanks.

    ~What is my final opinion on this game?

    As stated before, this is my favorite ND game, and I think a lot of other people might enjoy this as well, especially if you're into a plot including visits from a creature of ancient German legend. Not everything is perfect about this game, but for the most part, it's a pretty good game! This game certainly isn't short (took me a few nights to complete), but it's not awfully long. There were one or two points where I got stuck and resorted to using a hint system, but that's it. Overall, I very much recommend this game!