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It's definitely worth it.

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  • It's definitely worth it.

    So I just finished CAP and overall I felt it was a decent game. I have found in recent games that the games have been too short and at times a let down. Such as Trail of the Twister. I found this game to be terrible and I was let down. In saying that, I felt that CAP was HER getting back to the root of why Nancy Drew games are so popular. The game had puzzles that were hard and some were easier. But all puzzles required you to think. I also enjoyed how you could play games with both Karl and Lukas. I find it always helps to have those elements in the game so if your stuck on a puzzle your not wandering he halls thinking. I was not surprised by who the culprit was in the end but that did not ruin the game for me. The feel of the game was very creepy and reminded me of HAU or TRT. Walking through the castle and into the dungeons felt like the old Nancy Drew games that we love so much. The outside element in the woods also added to the excitement and overall creepiness of the game.
    I would for sure recommend this game for someone who is looking for a game that feels like the old Nancy Drew. I am now deciding which mystery to take on next.
    Thanks Everyone. Happy Hunting
    you said you were
    afraid to lose me
    and then you
    faced your fears
    and left