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Cant recommend this game highly enough!

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  • Cant recommend this game highly enough!

    I have played most of the Nancy Drew games (all before release of The Captive Curse [CAP] and a handful after release of CAP) and have been a fan of HER for a very long time. The Captive Curse is an impressive addition to the Nancy Drew collection, and if you are looking for a great game or trying to decide which next game is right for you, I couldn't recommend this game highly enough!

    If you like scary with some classic HER mixed in, this is the game for you.

    By far what I think the most impressive part of the game is its beautiful graphics! This game is truly breathtaking - I loved all of the intricate detail to the game environment and literally found myself getting distracted from the mystery just to appreciate the attention to detail in the game's main setting, the castle. Well done, Graphics Team! I'm looking forward to another recent release purchase, and I hope it is just as beautiful.

    I would consider this game a modern classic. It reminds me very much of Treasure in the Royal Tower (TRT), one of HER's most beloved classics, without copying it at all. I remember playing TRT with my friends, and we would away from the computer with terrified delight at some of the scarier moments. CAP gave me those feelings all over again. Thank you -- amazing work.

    The plot is a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the pacing -- you can take your time solving certain puzzles, but it also propelled you forward too. There were scary and exciting events that kept the game fast-paced, and I loved that there were a lot of instances where you were really forced to think like a detective -- it's not just solving puzzles; it's wondering, "Hmm, what if I try it like this..." I loved that. The puzzles that were there (and there were plenty, don't get me wrong!) were great. I have in the past sometimes felt frustrated with certain puzzles in some games as some puzzles felt unskilled (like trial-and-error), but for the most part I don't feel like that's the case here. I also felt the game was a great length. This is not a short game, but not because you get stuck over and over again. Like I said, the pacing is great. You will finish this game and feel you got your money's worth.

    The characters are quirky, and all of them have secrets, but I do wish they were more compelling somehow. I cant quite put my finger on it, but it just felt a little lacking. I am not usually great at guessing the culprit in advance, but I wasn't surprised this time at all and thought the character motivations (with one notable exception) could have been better developed than they were. You had a slightly different interaction with some of your phone friends this time around too, and I appreciate HER changing those relationships a bit to acknowledge and better relate to some of HER's older audience, but I'm not sure if that particular subplot was the best way to achieve that goal.

    A++++++ would (and definitely will!) play again!!

    What are you waiting for? Buy this game!