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    I just finished playing CAP and this is my review. I thought it was great. I am going to break it down into categories.

    PLOT:I thought the plot was really interesting. Story about a monster at a castle that terrorizes the tourists visiting. Who doesn't love a good story about monsters? Esp those that are at castles?

    SETTING: The setting I thought was great. I love anything to do with Germany as that is where my family comes from. A castle setting in Germany made this even a greater story.

    CHARACTERS: There was 4 main characters and then your phone contacts. The main characters I found very interesting and funny. They spoke in a German accent which makes you laugh at times. There is Karl who is funny when he catches you snooping. Lukas loves to make pranks on people. Anja is the shop keeper and she is Lukas' aunt. Renate is a travelling tourist. Then the 4 contacts on phone you have Ned (of course), Frank and Joe Hardy, Markus (who gives you the job to check out what is going on at castle) and then Jordan (who you really don't talk to much to. She is from Castle Cast's, an employment agency.

    GRAPHICS:The graphics were alright. Only thing I did not like was it was all at night time so it seemed Nancy could never sleep. There were a lot of dark places and could not see that easily. But the inside of the castle looked very extraordinary.

    GAMES/PUZZLES: There are two and raid that you play with Karl and Lukas. If you play Raid a lot, Karl gives you money. If you play monster with Lukas, you can get set of Raid cards. The puzzles in the game were somewhat easy. Some were hard and confusing, esp at the end but I found them fairly easy to get through without much help.

    EXPLORING:There was much to explore. Although, I would have loved it if Nancy could have went outside the castle gates and explored a little bit more of Germany. You had secret passageway, well, woods, dungeon, Castle but some areas there were doors you could knock on and people would say something but you never saw them. Did they know about the monster? It would have been great if Nancy was able to interview some of these guests that were staying there.

    SNOOPING: There was a lot of snooping in this game. You get caught by Anja, Karl, and Renate all for snooping through their things. The reaction from each is different and I esp loved Karl's reaction when you got caught snooping. Then you get to go and collect junk from well which Nancy "just adds to her bucket list". Thought there was a lot of places to look at.

    MUSIC: Music put the whole storyline into play. It was creepy and put you in the mood for exploring. Also, when you rang the doorbell was very creepy sound to it.

    CULPRIT/ENDING: The ending was easy. The culprit was sort of unpredicted. I honestly did not know who it was until one clue at the very end sort of gave me suspicions of who it was.

    SCARE FACTOR: Certain areas of the game will make you jump. I loved that. Walking through the woods and exploring the secret passageways was sort of creepy. When you spot the monster, sort of scared me and I jumped out of my seat a few times. I most definitely loved the scary aspects of this.

    That is what I thought. All in all with everything combined, I give this game a 9. Mostly due to the exploring part of it. There was doors that you could not open and you could not go outside the castle walls to explore other areas. Plus, the graphics was a little to dark. Other than that, I really loved it. I loved the story line and the characters were all interesting.
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