Hi I need some help please, I have looked at many other threads with people stuck on same things but I still am confuse.
My task are:- Find a way to get Karl out od his office. Don't know how!
Explore Foyer, I can't mark it off cause I know I need to play a tune, I know what & where but not working. Yes I have spotted the Notes but Nancy says nothing & not in her Journal.
Decode the paper with Bat & Sun on them. I don't know how as when I point to page I just get arrow not letting me write.
I have seen other threads where people have mentioned the security room, where is is? How do I decode the paper? How do I get Karl out of his office?

Spoilers welcome

Can someone also please tell me what I click on to get the
egg out of the thing from the draw

Hi ok I have just found decode sheet of paper in my inventory derrr I nevered really looked so decided too & there it was so will see how I go for now If I need help will let you know. thanks