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  • best in series!!

    I give this game 2 thumbs up. It's my favorite game in the series and I have played all of them. The best part about this game is the characters. They are all really cool and relating. My personal favorite was Big Island Mike. Man, he was awesome. He was good but also had flaws. Oh yeah, Pua was good too and it was really nice seeing the Hardy boys again. I like them both and Dr. Quigly was nice too.

    The puzzles were good. I liked them. The ending sequence (NOT A SPOILER) was well played out. The music was good too and I liked it a lot. It took me a long time to finish, maybe around 10 hours not counting breaks but it was very very good. In all I give this game 10/10.

    Thank you for reading my Creature of Kapu Cave review. I recomend this game to anyone who likes Hawaii and good Nancy Drew games.
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    Good review! I also give this game 2 thumbs up, I loved it. What a great game. The scenery was great, the story, the characters... especially Big Island Mike! I agree 10/10
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