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Creature of Kapu Cave - A review by felicity18

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  • Creature of Kapu Cave - A review by felicity18

    This game is really interesting and had great scenery but it was also disappointing. The characters in this game were varied but nothing special.

    Dr. Quigly Kim's voice is very nasal. She's really weird and doesn't contribute a whole lot to the plot in the game. Malachi Craven just seems angry all of the time. I didn't like this character at all because he's always angry most of the time. Pua Mapu is a surfer and teaches surfing. I thought that she was interesting but lacked dimension. Big Island Mike runs the Immersion Excursion with his daughter Pua. Like Pua Mike lacks complexity and dimension.

    The Hardy Boys are on the island to try to solve a mystery of their own. It was nice to see Frank and Joe again but I didn't like how they included them in the game. I especially didn't like the graphic design for the Hardy Boys and everything about how they looked was wrong.

    The plotline wasn't very good and the mystery lacked interest, great complexity and dimension. I don't like this game very much but its still fun despite its many faults. The whole creature in the Kapu cave thing was badly done and very, very anticlimactic because all we got was a carving of a creature and nothing else. This game is very disappointing on several fronts but most especially with the creature and the Hardy Boys.

    So I give Creature of Kapu Cave a 5 out of 10.