Hello everyone,

The Creature of Kapu Cave review, without spoilers. Well to keep it simple, I didn't like it. It was a very short game. The ending was very anticlimatic and disappointing.

As we know by the game trailer, the Hardy boys were partnering with Nancy in this one. They were definitely underutilized. So far I've only seen one game that successfuly did the partnering well and that's Alibi and Ashes. That is because for most of the game, Nancy was taken just about completley out of play forcing the other charters to take more active roles.

In this game the trade off was crucial to Nancy's moving forward in the gameplay and in places there was a bit of lag as far as story is concerned. The puzzles were unfulfilling and disapointing. Some were just plain annoying.

It pains me to say this but, I just didn't like this game. The disappointment was compounded by the fact that they were in Hawai'i, an awesome backdrop for any game. I get that this was a working trip for Nancy and we knew that up front but still I feel more of Hawai'i could have been squeezed in there for us.

Alas, die-hard ND gameplayers must play this one too.

Thanks for reading,