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    Creature of Kapu Cave
    Wow. It has been such a long time since I last wrote a review (about ~11 years in fact), but I thought I'd give it a shot once more. It's been a few years since I spent Saturdays playing these games, pouring over message boards, and scouring reviews, but, there is something about starting one again that makes all that time fade.

    I love the fact that once you've played so many, there are still those games that you come back to and find small memories in a puzzle, conversation, or setting. It's pretty amazing to me that we (many of us) played these games as kids, and that memories of these games and characters get stored along with so many other treasured memories we have of our childhood. It's also pretty remarkable to think of how many of us, especially now in uncertain times, can feel instantly re-connected to each other once again as we revive these games and stories.

    I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to give some of the games that I'd only played once or for some reason or another didn't remember as well as the others a fair shake. Thus, for my first replay, I chose Kapu Cave. And now, below, I'll review this mystery and try to revive the vein of my (often) brief and (always) ill-written reviews from way back.

    • Honestly, ND devotees would probably disagree, but I'm okay with a shoe-string plot as long as it gets me to Hawaii! I'm impressed with Nancy for snagging an etymology internship with no prior background, but then, I would hope solving scores of mysteries at a young age would earn you at least an interview. What a resume she must have!

    • This game has some weaknesses for sure, and I think this category in particular would get dinged across the board. However, it is always fun to incorporate Frank and Joe into a mystery, and I remember being beside myself playing this for the first time as Frank and Joe. Little me was squealing internally. Their voice actors are always so great, and I was struck by the first bout of Francy jealousy as I played this last week! That is a subplot that just keeps giving. Team #Francy.
    • Pua, Big Island Mike, Quigley, and Dr. Craven all left something to be desired. But, I won't harp on that.

    • Not my favorite- plot-wise or puzzle-wise, but hey, it was exciting for me to make it to the end. I didn't think I had it in me (which is admittedly pathetic as this game has a shorter run time), and that frass puzzle in the middle certainly sapped some of my resolve. I wish there had been more of a gradual reveal of the reasoning behind the culprit and mystery, but Her definitely fine tunes that blow burn reveal in later games.

    Honestly, playing this game I had a wonderful return to Hawaii and a Her homecoming. These days, now more than ever, cultivating and finding things that feel like home are so important. I'm grateful to the animators and to Her for bringing this game to life, and that I still had the chance to play it so many years later. I can't wait to start another!

    Love always,