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  • Fishing?

    where is the best place to catch the ulua fish that joe hardy needs for big island mike? like in the deep area, the marshy stuff, or what?? thnx!!

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    There's no specific area. It can be either from the right, center, or left. It's all random.
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      I think it's just a luck thing . . . I caught them everywhere, but if I had to choose a specific area, I'd say the marshy places.
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      As soon as she finished her sentence, a dazzling blue light filled the Great Hall. The light turned into a glowing smoke. The brilliant blue smoke snaked around the Great Hall, and slowly solidified into letters that spelled out the word KNOWLEDGE. Then, it warped into one enormous beam of light, and blasted at the band of leather on Jane’s wrist. Jane screamed, and shielded her eyes, but as soon as it had appeared, it was gone. And on Jane’s bracelet, there was a tiny figure. A ghost, much like the ones in Alan’s ghost hunt. The ghost was still faintly glowing blue.

      Jane and Nancy stared at each other. “Well I’d call that obvious!” Jane said loudly as straightened up.

      Nancy nodded frantically. “Yeah, well . . . at least we’ll be sure now, won’t we?”

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        ok, thanks so much!!