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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    7- Good game, new and fun!

    I gave it a 7 out of 10
    The Deadly Device was not my favourite game, but it was still very good!

    I thought the scientific aspects of the game were awesome! The lab was my favourite spot hands down! The storyline was somewhat confusing, but it kept you guessing the culprit until the end! The graphics were great (As usual) and the puzzles well thought out and quite challenging, (I was stuck on one for a while). Overall, I was not disappointed and I recommend this game to every ND fan and people especially interested in science. Of course, I'm sure many people who don't fit into those catagories will enjoy it too!
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      I gave it a.....6

      I liked this game. It was not in my top 5 or anything, but it was good. I didn't love the whole lab thing, mind you I do find Tesla interesting. The newer game setup isn't my favourite. I enjoyed the characters though and it was great to have Nancy solving a murder. Overall I think 6 is a fair number(I am not going to lie, I played aggregation for way over the acceptable limit haha).


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        Gave it 10

        This is the best of the newest ones in my opinion. I like the games where you learn about real historical figures; like with this one, Nikola Tesla. Plus, it was long and kept me intrigued. Please make more like that!


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          8. It was really good! Not my fav, though.
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            This is one of my new favorites!!!
            I loved learning about Tesla, history, electricity, 3D printing, etc. All of the science-y stuff was GREAT.
            I also loved all the drama between the researchers.
            Not to mention- a murder mystery is scary, thrilling, and just an over-all awesome premise.
            Thank you for making this game! One of my favorites. :)