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ϟ DED Review. Shocking. {In-depth}

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  • ϟ DED Review. Shocking. {In-depth}

    T H E
    D E A D L Y
    D E V I C E.

    P l o t ;
    You as Nancy Drew are hired on to investigate a cold case murder, the likes of which took place in a top-secret Tesla-inspired facility. Leave no beaker unturned when investigating this laboratory, and let no suspect leave your mind. With plenty of science and tesla coils you're sure to learn the truth about The Deadly Device.

    G o o d Things:
    * Playing with the teslas was fun.
    * The intro with the tesla was fab.
    * Science!
    * Also, the history bits on Nikola Tesla was cool.
    * I really liked the characters in this game.
    * Plenty of snooping and exploring.
    * Loads of activities and puzzles.
    * I kind of enjoyed Aggrevation.
    * Finally, we get another murder mystery!
    * Significant game length is back.
    * Reading the little signs and posters placed everywhere was fun.
    * Messing up Mason's things.

    B a d Things:
    * I was really starting to hate the elevator after hour one.
    * I'm also not really a fan of switching between day and night.
    * Phone friends are really required, besides at just one part.

    Places To Explore;
    Facility lobby (Top and bottom floor); So cool. In daylight or at night, it was really cool. From the brick walls to the floor, it all looks very realistic, not to mention the funny signs that are all about. However, I have a serious admiration for the structure that resides directly in the center. It's very facinating, and I had hopes that we'd learn something more about it.
    Lounge; Very detailed, and reminiscent of any type of lounge anywhere. You've got the nicely sized television, some funky looking seating arrangements, and quaint little bookcase with interesting titles. Here, it's the small details that really amaze me, like the wall decorations and the coat on the coatrack, to the plants hanging from the ceiling. It's very gorgeous.
    Niko's office; The office is very simple, with plenty of intriguing objects. Very neat and tidy, as you'd figure he probably wouldn't spend as much time in here as in the lab.
    Security Office; Honestly, looks just like any kind of security office that you'd imagine. Very gray, with the owner's little quirks placed about. What really interests me is the very high-tech computer.
    Laboratory; Ah, this is probably my favorite place of the game. It looks a bit chaotic, like it's clearly been used quite a lot, but in that aspect really fantastic. All of the machines and little things on the lab table were designed really well, and all seemed to fit in. Overall, it was just beautiful, a real step up from previous games, and I hope that you get to see it for yourself.
    Office; HER's done another fantastic job in bringing an otherwise simple place to life. The little sitting area is very nicely decorated, and even the plants look real. As for each of the assistants' spaces, you can tell that each clearly reflects their personalities.
    Ryan's workshop; Kind of simple, but also gritty in a way. You can really tell that it's been used, as you see different bits of rust and such everywhere. While it does appear to be a bit empty, I'm sure that at some point there was a lot more going on here.

    G o o d Things:
    * Can I just say how fantastic the graphics are in this game? HER has definitely come a long way, as everything is so finely detailed that it looks really authentic.
    * It's my favorite as far as graphics go.
    * The little things, likes tools or plants, look so realistic.
    * Even the walls, I don't think that I've ever been so facinated with walls in a ND game.

    B a d Things:
    * I don't believe that I really have any, besides there being a few extra doors that I'd have loved to check behind.

    Cast of Characters;
    Niko Jovic : The poor victim of the game, it was believed that he had discovered the secret to wireless energy transfer. However, most unfortunately, he was murdered before he could release his discovery to the world. He was exceedingly brilliant, but could he have left behind something that others would kill for?

    Victor Lossett : Co-owner of the lab, it's Victor who has hired you to solve the murder. He really pushes for a culprit in the crime, and oftentimes loses his composure. Perhaps there's more to him than meets the eye?

    Ryan Kilpatrick : Techie and quirky Ryan is the person behind much of the construction of several parts of the lab. She knows a lot about the Tesla coil, which makes her the prime suspect. While she comes off as nice, could this really all just be an act to disguise her true motive?

    Gray Cortright : Gray is the very grumpy and intimidating head of security, and does his job exceedingly well. He has plenty of access to all areas of the facility and doesn't seem to offer very much information. Could this be because he's hiding other motives?

    Mason Quinto : Lab assistant and perfectionist Mason comes off as very arrogant, but also very intelligent and hard-working. You won't get very many straight answers out of him, which makes it perfectly alright to mess up his desk. Could Mason have commited the murder in order to get credit for all of the work he's done and thinks he deserves?

    Ellie York : Ellie works the night shift as a research assistant. She doesn't seem to offer too much information either. Her apparent dislike of Mason apparently drove her to the night shift. Of the whole bunch, she appears to be the most shaken, but her actions after Niko's murder might suggest something else.

    G o o d Things:
    * Holy suspects! There are plenty of people with real motives to have committed the crime.
    * Their own distinct personalities really shone. Especially Ryan and Gray.
    * Mason's facial expressions have you ask if something's bothering him.

    B a d Things:
    * Nothing really.

    There were plenty of puzzles and tasks to complete in this game. The range of difficulty varied quite a bit, but I personally found a lot of the puzzles to be a bit difficult. Especially assembling certain things and figuring out clues. However, solving them really isn't too bad, especially with the new hints system that's incorporated into the game.

    I don't really believe that anything was truly scary about this game. Perhaps just a small fear at the ending, because of nerves and whatnot. But, overall, there weren't any jump-out-at-you scary bits.

    The ending was alright. Nothing really spectacular as we've seen in a few other games, but I believe it suffices for the content of the game. You have to figure that it would be sciency.

    The Deadly Devie as a whole was wonderful. I'll definitely replay it, if not only to grace my eyes with its beautiful graphics. While some of the puzzles were quite annoying and frustrating, for anyone just starting out with ND games, I'd suggest that maybe you give it a try, in that there are plenty of helpful hints in the game to keep you moving.
    However, to anyone, I would definitely recommend that you play it, as I would any other Nancy Drew game.
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    I enjoyed reading it.
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