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"Deadly Device" is Too Safe - A Review by ConnectTheDots

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  • "Deadly Device" is Too Safe - A Review by ConnectTheDots

    ConnectTheDots' Review
    --The Deadly Device --

    **Bottom line:**Though not a bad Nancy Drew game, The Deadly Device is too safe, especially considering that it is the first murder mystery in ages.


    Nancy is called out to a science lab in Colorado to take on a murder case that has gone cold. It’s believed that Niko Jovic, the victim, discovered the secret to wireless energy transfer, but he died before he was able to reveal his work. It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to discover who killed Niko, and why they did so.

    Another murder mystery, finally! Woohoo, right? Ehh.


    The characters in this game are all of the people who worked with Niko at the lab. The suspects were fine, but I did not love them. A lot of the time they did not have anything to talk about, and a couple of them cut off Nancy’s questions with just a few words or a smart aleck remark.

    I thought it was interesting that not all of them had nice things to say about Niko, though.

    Graphics and Setting

    The graphics were great, as usual. The game was set within one building, so there was not a lot of exploring going on. I could really imagine people working in a lab like that, though.


    I have mixed feelings about the music. I enjoyed all of the songs, and most were pretty suspenseful, but one song was so jubilant that it ruined the mood. I still liked listening to it, though!

    Puzzles, Tasks and Mini-Games

    There were two mini-games in this game, a matching one and Aggregation. Aggregation is hard to describe. You had to make trios of certain shapes. I thought it was okay, but I played it once to progress the game, and did not come back to it.

    There were a few times when the players asked Nancy to do things in return for them doing something for her, but this did not happen as often as it has in the past, so it did not bother me.

    The puzzles went with the science theme. I am not into science, so most of them did not appeal to me, but I still found a couple of puzzles that I enjoyed. I needed a spoiler for the end puzzle, but there was a good mixture of challenging and easy puzzles otherwise.

    "The Scare Factor"

    This game was not scary in comparison to the other games. I felt very safe walking around that lab. There weren't even any threatening notes directed at Nancy like there usually are.

    Other Odds and Ends

    - The biggest problem I had with this game was the culprit. This was the first murder mystery since Secrets Can Kill, so I was really looking forward to this one even though science does not interest me. However, I thought that HER played it safe with the culprit choice for reasons that I cannot explain in my review. Also, I knew they were the culprit very early on in the game.

    - I used to play the games on Junior Sleuth the first time around for my reviews, but I will no longer be doing that because the new hint system is overly helpful and too tempting to use.

    - I normally don’t like talking on the phone to people, but I liked that they brought Dierdre back for this one.

    THANK YOU so much for reading my review! Feel free to comment with your own thoughts. Feedback is appreciated.
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    Another amazing review! I have to agree with you on the characters; they were interesting for the most part, but they didn't say too much in the middle of the game. And yes, they did give "smart aleck" remarks sometimes, which I didn't really like. I also loved the music and the puzzles, but I didn't like the ending. I agree that the culprit was pretty obvious, and the actual ending wasn't very exciting.
    Thanks for making such great reviews!
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      I agree, it didn't feel that dangerous, and definitely not deadly. If someone murders, they will murder again if they have to, and it didn't really feel like this.

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        As much as I like the game, I do agree with a few of your points.

        The hints being too tempting to use (especially in regards to solving the puzzles even though I really do need those *laughs*) for one.

        I was also very pleased that it would be a murder mystery and was kinda bummed when it wasn't nearly as intense as it could have been. I mean, we still have the timed puzzle near the end of the game---but other than that, like you said, walking around that lab wasn't that intense. *shrugs*

        And as for the snarky characters, yeah, I totally agree that it was annoying to be cut off like that a lot of the time. I kinda miss the days when we could talk a lot more to the suspects and phone friends (fyi, I liked having Deirdre back too and I LOVED having the Hardy Boys in there too, especially with the Frank/Nancy undercurrents in at least the first conversation they had. *grins* So happy!)

        I can also add one more thing to your list and that is that we weren't able to explore the outside world much---but that is just my opinion.

        Anyway, even with those things, I still think this is a good game and there were some times where I got super tense---especially the timed puzzles or snooping around places when there was a limited time to do so. It just happens to be one of the non-scarier games and that is fine with me because it was a good reprieve from hauntings and curses.

        I also loved putting the robotic cat together---I just wish there would have been something more to that than just putting it together.
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          Thanks for reading, everyone!

          frankxnancyfan, thank you for your comments. I agree that there aren't a lot of places to explore in DED in comparison to other games. A few more areas become available to Nancy as the game continues, but it still doesn't feel like there is much to see.

          I also understand what you're saying about the intensity level rising when Nancy is snooping.

          It doesn't bother me that this game doesn't have jump scares or anything like that. The safeness I'm referring to in the title of my review is mostly referring to the culprit choice they made. It disappointed me so much that my overall opinion of the game dropped quite a bit.
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