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The Deadly Device - Review by felicity18

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  • The Deadly Device - Review by felicity18

    I really like this game. I especially enjoyed the whole Nikola Tesla aspect of the game. The characters in this game were varied and sometimes a little boring. They were a bit of a hit and miss.

    Ellie was a good character. However, whenever we talk to her she sounds tired. She was also a very underdeveloped as a character and wasn't layered enough. Gray is a grumpy character and seemed to be that way all the time. Mason was boring and dull. He's a neat freak and likes to have everything in a certain order. Ryan is my favorite character in the game. I really liked her because she was fun, different and unique. She was always fun to talk to. Victor isn't very interesting and isn't a very developed character.

    Deidre Shannon is our phone contact and helps Nancy with the case in the game. She actually proved herself to be very useful and helpful with the case. I especially enjoyed our conversation with the Hardy Boys about Nikola Tesla. This game is fun expect for then we have to play the Aggragation game because it took too long to do. I also didn't like the elevator because it was too slow. All in all this game is fun has great complexity and dimension.

    So I give The Deadly Device an 8 out of 10.

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