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Death by boredom

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  • Death by boredom

    I have been an avid ND fan for over a decade. This was the first game I got so bored with that I never finished. I took a six month break, then decided one day to replay and muster through it. When it first came out, I was excited. FINALLY a murder mystery. Sadly, I felt little connection to the plot.

    The characters look very similar to the ones in Tomb of the Lost Queen. The place doesn't leave much for exploring and it is packed with a ton of science (which makes it feel like 10th grade science class again). There were times when it wasn't really clear what to do.

    If you are thinking of buying this, save your money for a different game. 3/10

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    Interesting review. This game is in my top 10, though I do agree that more places to explore would have been much nicer...
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