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A Very Nice Game Put Forward by HeR

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  • A Very Nice Game Put Forward by HeR

    I will be breaking this down, bit by bit.

    PLOT: As a big Tesla fan, I was really looking forward to this mystery. It did not disappoint on the science front. All the weird gizmos and gadgets were fun to look at, even if they weren't something Nancy could interact with. I definitely felt as though I had stepped into a mad scientist's lab. I found the areas of exploration to be somewhat limited (seriously, I tried to open so many doors that weren't actually available locations), but I enjoyed having certain suspects present at certain times. Score: 9/10

    GRAPHICS/SOUND: Not only was the music great in this game, but the SOUNDS were as well (except for the loud and annoying ones). The graphics were top-notch as most of the current ND games are. SCORE: 10/10

    CHARACTERS: In this ND mystery, there are 4 characters (other than your phone friends). They are Ellie York, a researcher who works the night shift, Mason Quinto, the sarcastic senior lab assistant, Ryan Kilpatrick, a tech guru who is very familiar with the Tesla Coil, and Gray Cortright, the security officer. Victor Lossett (the co-owner of the lab and the person who hired Nancy), Deirdre Shannon (Nancy's enemy who needs Nancy's help for a criminology class paper), and the Hardy Boys (who are on a submarine somewhere) are your phone friends. Every character, including the phone friends, seemed like real people. There are a couple I couldn't stand (there was one particular person I didn't talk to for the majority of the game), but it wasn't because (s)he was a poorly-made character, it was simply because they were very off-putting for me. SCORE: 9/10

    INTERFACE: I play the games both in Junior and Senior mode. I appreciate when things in Junior mode get checked off the checklist somewhat in order like they did in this game, similarly to CAP. What I disliked was the fact that the phone was simply used to call people. Only once did I find the messaging system helpful, and never did I use the camera. SCORE: 8/10

    PUZZLES: The puzzles in this mystery were fun. I found myself often having to plan out moves ahead of time for many of them, and there was a certain logic aspect present in nearly all of them which I am a big fan of. Now I wasn't happy when my computer died when I was at level 23 of a specific game (forcing me to start over) but hey, that was my fault, NOT the game's. My only critique was that there were a couple of occasions where without prompting it was required to think back to other puzzles that happened extremely early on. SCORE: 9/10

    ENDING: I have mixed feelings about this ending. I thought that this was the best job HeR has done in awhile of making the ending motive for the killer truly believable. Everything lined up perfectly, but not in a super-obvious way (I ended up changing my prime suspect to the actual killer maybe five minutes before I discovered his/her identity). That being said, I found it rather lame that the final puzzle to get Nancy to safety was not a timed puzzle. She even makes a comment in the game that she doesn't have much time, but I took several minutes to complete it. Seems like plenty of time to me. SCORE: 8/10

    Plot: 9/10
    Graphics/Sounds: 10/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Interface: 8/10
    Puzzles: 9/10
    Ending: 8/10
    OVERALL: 53/60= 8.8/10

    My Top Three:
    The Captive Curse: 9.3/10
    Treasure in the Royal Tower: 9.2/10
    White Wolf of Icicle Creek: 9/10

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    Nice review!

    I do agree about the exploring, while there were some neat places to explore (especially as the game progresses), I was always trying to go towards places that I physically couldn't.

    You have an interesting point about the ending puzzle. Me personally, I was glad that I had a few minutes, just because it gave me a good chance to actually think through what I was doing. The firs time I played I really tried how the puzzle was supposed to work. And when it wouldn't work, I would go back through my steps. So I liked having extra time, but at the same time I see what you're saying because you don't have as much as an adrenaline rush.

    This is probably one of my favorite newer games, so I'm glad I read your review! You had some very good insight.



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      One thing I've thought of since finishing the game was that it would be interesting to make another lab area since it seemed everything was very condensed given the small confines of the game. Maybe have them both be labs specializing in different things so that some clues from the lab, workshop, etc. could end up in there.

      As for the ending puzzle, I am NOTORIOUS at dying during this time because I'm taking the time to figure out the puzzle. Both this game and GTH seemed to have unlimited time, and given the circumstances of both it seemed a bit far-fetched. If the game allows you to try again, might as well add that adrenaline rush to it with a time limit. Some might say that the second chance would take away the rush since there's seemingly no consequence, but there is one: having to start the puzzle over.

      Just some thoughts I've had now that my brain is fully disengaged from this mystery and engaged in the trio of new ND games that just recently arrived.