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  • Excellent!

    I really have to applaud the creators of this game. Definitely a recent best.
    After recently completing TMB and being very disappointed, this was a definite redemption. At one point or another, all of the characters seemed like they were definitely the culprit so I was repeatedly thrown off guard. The actual culprit was an excellent pick. I loved everyone's backstory.
    I also love how Nancy's technology improves with the times. Makes the games much more relatable. Deidre kind of annoyed me throughout the game because I figured she'd get nicer as time went on.
    The puzzles were all of the perfect difficulty (I played on Amateur). They were not easy to solve, but it was easy to find the instructions to solve them.
    MY FAVORITE THING: Rather than having to jump back & forth to HerInteractive, the game offers not only hints, but SOLUTIONS. Even pictures, which are not able to be posted on here!
    I liked how the mystery was to find a killer/someone who threatens to kill because those are my favorites (ie:SCK,STFD,FIN,RAN,etc.).
    Overall a great game.
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