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    The Deadly Device: released in October 2012

    Based on the Book: The Crime Lab Case (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #165, published in 2002)
    Wikipedia says this game is also based on the Nancy Drew on Campus book In and Out of Love (published in 1997), but I read that book and see no similarities.

    How Closely Does the Game Follow the Book?: Not very closely. The characters and plots are all different. The only similarity is that they both take place in labs and they both involve science.

    Location: Colorado Springs, CO

    The Mystery/Crime: Murder

    Mode Of Transportation: None, as Nancy stays in the lab for the entirety of the game

    Is there an alarm clock in this game?: No

    What is learned about in this game?: Nikola Tesla, electricity, Tesla coils and Farraday cages, 3-D printing and other science lab stuff

    Brief Plot Synopsis: Nancy is hired to go to a science lab in Colorado to investigate the murder of scientist Niko Jovic.

    Brief Character Synopsis:

    1. Ellie York - A research scientist who misses her family back in New York
    Actress I would cast to play her if it were a live action movie/TV show: Amandla Stenberg

    2. Gray Cortright - An ornery security guard
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live action movie/TV show: Michael Ironside

    3. Mason Quinto - An arrogant and uptight lab assistant
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live action movie/TV show: Matthew Perry

    4. Ryan Kilpatrick - A quirky and spunky technical engineer
    Actress I would cast to play her if it were a live action movie/TV show: Rachel Leigh Cook

    5. Victor Lossett - The owner of the lab who hired Nancy to investigate the murder
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live action movie/TV show: Jeff Bridges

    Phone Characters:

    1. Deirdre Shannon - Nancy's rival (of sorts), who helps Nancy with the case so she can get extra credit for one of her classes

    2. Frank and Joe Hardy - Nancy's friends and fellow detectives

    3. Victor Lossett - the lab's owner (he is first a phone character and then shows up at the lab in person)

    My favorite quotes:

    "The world needs more people with questions and fewer people who are sure they have the answers" - Mason Quinto

    "I've foiled three art heists and did that help my art history grade? No, no it did not. Rescue a stolen Vermeer, yet you still get a C" - Joe Hardy

    "Dear ears and general feelings of self-worth, I am so sorry for what's about to happen to you. Your sad friend, Ryan. - Ryan Kilpatrick

    "That is the least shocking thing ever" - Deirdre Shannon, when Nancy tells her about being knocked unconscious

    "There's never a bad moment to have a George" - Nancy Drew

    My Thoughts: This is a good game but it isn't one of my favorites just because it isn't really my "thing." I am a humanities person, not a math/science person, so this game doesn't appeal to me as much as some of the others. Some of the puzzles were a bit difficult for me the first time I played, although I admit I didn't have too much difficulty with them when I played it again.

    Even though it isn't my thing I do admit that it makes a lot of sense for a game to take place in a lab and for the puzzles in it to be science-based. And I liked learning about Nikola Tesla.

    One thing I like a lot about this game is the option to get in-game hints. I also like the fun dialogue, the good plot, the fact that it's a murder mystery and that Nancy has been hired to solve a specific mystery.

    I didn't like all the repetition in the game (having to use the elevator so much, change days so much, use the alarm so so much, etc). I liked the characters for the most part but wish there had been more variety; there didn't need to be three ornery dudes.

    All in all, I enjoy the game but it's not one of my faves because its scientific premise just isn't quite my cup of tea. I think it's great that it exists, though, for those who are into scientific stuff. The variety is one of the things I like so much about the Nancy Drew games.

    My random comment: I like Joe's invention of new words throughout the game. I think my favorites are "emboring" and "wordmagination."

    My Rating: 7/10