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Robotic Cat / No Phone Events?

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  • Robotic Cat / No Phone Events?

    Ummm so I'm not sure if I goofed up my game, because when I began it I kind of went to bed right away, which triggered the first alarm event and such. I've gotten completely stuck in the game, the only two things on my list are to snoop in Ellie's office and investigate Ryan. Ellie will never come back no matter how many days/nights I continue, and things Frank and Joe and Deidre told me they would do they haven't come through yet, I only have one text from Deidre. I've looked at some walkthroughs and Ryan was supposed to give me something to help get candy from Niko's office but I cannot talk to her, Gray, or Mason any longer. Plus I've gotten nothing from Ned? I feel I'm at least halfway through the game. I've made parts, installed them, run the lab, etc. but now I'm just sitting and nobody will talk to me. There is literally nothing else I can see in Ellie's office (and she won't return, I haven't seen her in about a week's time of day/nighting). Did I goof up my game by going to sleep right away? I'm totally lost, I can't get the cat head from next to Ryan, either, I have only two parts left to find.

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    I took me a while to figure this out too- it turned out that I had not seen everything that I was supposed to in Ellie's office. Have you
    collected anything from her desk drawer?

    Also, if you mean that you haven't gotten any text messages from Ned, unless your game is a Bonus Edition, you won't get any. Sorry.
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      Yep, I did, three things!

      Okay, I don't have a bonus game, so that part is cleared up. I think I need to somehow trigger Ryan to give me something to fix the candy machine, but she won't talk to me? She already gave me the schematic stuff to fix the lab parts.


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        Going to bed first will not have messed up the game.

        If Ellie hasn't returned, you definitely missed something in her office. You should have found
        a postit inside a book, a key, a memory card, tips for the lab control booth, and the capacitors.

        Ryan will not give you the candy thing unless you talk to her about the broken media player. Have you tried to use it so Nancy knows it is broken?
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