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Can't get model (split and retitled)

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  • Can't get model (split and retitled)

    I'm also having trouble picking up the tower. I've:
    • Listened to all of Niko's diaries
    • Called everyone in my phone and spoken with all characters
    • Seen the message from the pigeon projector
    • Read the paper about the oscillator on Niko's desk (in study)
    • Read the book in my locker containing the patent information

    Please help if you can


    1. I was looking on the wrong side, I was looking in the bookshelf to the left of the entrance, not at the (correct) table under the small two shelf book shelf to the right of the entrance (facing the desk)
    2. Built the cat, not sure if this had any bearding on whether I could or could not pick up the tower as I was trying on the wrong one this whole time

    Hopefully this helps anyone struggling with picking up the wrong tower in the future
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