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Key Card Colored Squares Puzzle

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  • Key Card Colored Squares Puzzle

    I thought I was supposed to match the image on the security computer with the squares so they are the same. I have been trying to do that for a very long time with no success. Can someone please give me a spoiler? Is that what I'm supposed to be doing? No matter what I do the colored squares dont seem to be able to match up to create the same picture. Help!
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    Are you playing Amateur or Master Sleuth?

    If Master, you can find a detailed spoiler on this link:
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      I'm on ameture level. I did the squares puzzle myself but nothing seemed to happen. I wasn't able to unlock any doors with the key card and there is only one door I thought I should be able to open with it unless I'm wrong. Anyways, I couldn't do anything after the puzzle so I ended up getting a spoiler from the hints in the to do list and it told me exactly how to do the puzzle. So I inserted the card into the slot in the security office again and did the puzzle over again and again nothing happend. Can someone give me a spoiler as to what the keycard is supposed to open? There is only one door that allows me to use any type of card or key and I believe it is the door to the main laboratory but I could be wrong. Help Please!
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        On my to-do list it says Investigate Ryan's threats against Niko, Use the keycard to get passed a locked door, Investigate Ryan. It wont let me check off the locked door one even after I did the colored square puzzle and sent it to the card..
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          I finally figured it out! Took me a while but thank you everyone!
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