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Austin's FIN Review.

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  • Austin's FIN Review.

    I liked this game. I think it's the 3rd best game in the Classic ND Series, in terms of gameplay, the best, in terms of my experience, the 3rd. I just have food memeries attatched to SCK and STFD, but FIN is my favorite gameplay wise.

    I'd say this game has the most exploration. Other games have a sort of confined feel. Even though in this game you were confined, I think they gave you a purpose to be confined to such an enviroment, which was to find her. You didn't want to leave the theatre because of the mystery. Also, there were a ton of passage ways and secret rooms. I liked it, especially when you find one, you feel so rewarded.

    I'm a fan of many puzzles. In this game there weren't many, but when there were they were puzzles that I liked and enjoyed to solve.

    They had a lot of personality, in my first playthrough I didn't know who it was, it wasn't predictable. I doubted them all and at the same time suspected them all.

    The 3 Day system:
    I liked it. It gave the game suspense. All I have to say about it.

    With the 3D animation, I feel STFD introduced it, MHM and TRT added to it, and FIN perfected it. They still are pretty good for 2001.

    Things wrong with the game:
    How could Nick Falcone have a laptop in his van when wireless internet wasn't a thing in 2001?

    And why didn't anyone change their clothes ANYTIME during the whole 3 days?

    Overall: 9.5/10

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    Nice review. I agree, especially about the space- it was only one building and 1 1/2 floors, but it was well put together and had the awesome secret rooms.
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