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ϟ FIN, Operation Bust-a-kidnapper. {In-depth, spoiler-free}

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  • ϟ FIN, Operation Bust-a-kidnapper. {In-depth, spoiler-free}

    T H E
    F I N A L
    S C E N E.

    P l o t ;
    You as Nancy Drew are invited to the Royal Palladium Theater with your old friend Maya to conduct an interview and witness the premiere of the newest Brady Armstrong movie. Unfortunately and quite suddenly, Maya is kidnapped and you must beat the clock in order to rescue her before the theater is scheduled to be demolished. With plenty of magic and secret rooms to stifle your mystery tooth, do make sure that this isn't your Final Scene.

    G o o d Things:
    * Fantastic opening to the game. Very enticing and exciting.
    * The whole kidnapping type of mystery is exceptional.
    * Sassy Nancy responses. This is perhaps my favorite game for Nancy responses.
    * Funny Brady Armstrong responses.
    * Plenty of magic and secret places to find.
    * Phone conversations.
    * Ned was also really good for hints.
    * The ending. Not just the usual turn and click.
    * "Don't let the Turkeys get you down."

    B a d Things:
    * There were some things/places that you can look at that don't really add anything to the game. I found myself getting frustrated with these places, because I didn't know if I was missing something there that I needed or had to go back to.
    * Ah. We don't know how spoiled we are in future games with the journal. Coming back to a game days later is no easy task without it.
    * No hints from Bess and George. How strange.

    Places To Explore;
    Theater Lobby; Very quaint. I thought that it was realistic looking, and oh-so pretty. The two staircases were gorgeous and the small refreshments counter was cute. I enjoyed looking around at the posters and felt like it was a place that I would really enjoy seeing in person.
    Seating area and hallways; So basic, yet so perfect. Your average idea of a theater is represented, and there are even little things in the seats like popcorn buckets and gum that you'd expect to find in any other theater.
    Backstage; It appears pretty rough, which I believe would only be expected of an older theater. Floor to ceiling, I believe it exemplifies what it would be used for. The graphics aren't my favorite in this particular area, but for the time, they are pretty swell.
    Both Dressing Rooms; Very cluttered and excessively detailed, I really did enjoy these rooms. Just like backstage, I think that they look a bit rough (especially to those who have witnessed future ND games) but for the time, I feel that they're perfect. You never know what you're going to find in either one of them.
    Basement; It's very basement-y, if that makes any sense. All of the rust and just overall old feeling really make it feel like a real place that you'd find beneath an old theater.
    Secret places; I won't describe them in detail or tell you how many, because they're pretty cool once you find them, and I really don't want to ruin that for anybody.

    G o o d Things:
    * Being an older game, the graphics are a bit iffy. But, all of the detail and items that HER placed in each room (I feel) truly blows away all of the fantastic graphics of future games. It seems that we don't get as much to look at now.

    B a d Things:
    * Besides some of the choppiness of certain places, I don't have any real criticism of the graphics.

    Cast of Characters;
    Brady Armstrong : The star of the movie that's supposed to premiere at the Palladium. Charmstrong to some people, he's the last person who would have seen Maya before she disappeared. He seems more like a small puppy than anything else, as he obediately follows his agent's crazy advice. Could he have taken Maya in order to make his name even bigger?

    Joseph Hughes : Joseph's life has pretty much been the Palladium, so it's no wonder that he'd probably do anything to save it. While he seems like a very friendly and helpful guy, could he have kidnapped Maya in order to protect his home?

    Nick Falcone : HAD IT member Nick has been known to be ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. Not being on friendly terms with the police, and using unorthdox tactics, could it be Nick who's kidnapped Maya in order to protect the theater's historic value?

    Simone Mueller : Simone is Brady's agent, straight out of Hollywood. She's the ringleader of his career, and appears to use every little thing to Brady's advantage, including Maya's kidnapping. Is it her who's kidnapped Maya in order to secure better publicity for her client?

    G o o d Things:
    * Four suspects with ample motives to conduct the kidnapping. Cool beans.
    * They were all pretty distinct, with their own personalities. Joseph; the friendly one, Brady; the seemingly oblivious one, Nick; the radical one and Simone; the ruthless one, all were good suspects to choose from.
    * Plus, the word choices. This game is probably my favorite for conversations.

    B a d Things:
    * Why does it feel like Nancy just gives away all of our information to people who could all have been the kidnapper?

    There didn't seem to be many puzzles in this game. What puzzles there were, really weren't too difficult to complete. There were more small unassigned tasks that you had to complete. FIN is really more of a sleuthing game then anything else.

    I didn't find this game to be very scary. Besides the initial moment when Maya is captured and a few other eerie moments, there really isn't much spook-factor to this game. The music especially plays a major part in the eeriness of this game.

    The ending was a really good one compared to many of the other games. While it's not my number one favorite, it still holds plenty of suspense (as you are timed). While it isn't exceptionally difficult to figure out, it is still interesting and a bit different then the endings we get now.

    The Final Scene as a whole was a fantastic game. I'd easily place it in my top ten. The length was alright, as it spans three days, but I feel that the tasks assigned to each day suited it. If you're looking for more of a sleuthing game then ridiculous puzzles, then FIN is definitely for you. Also, if you want a fun/slightly intense ending, I highly recommend this game to you.
    I would definitely recommend that you play it, as I would any other Nancy Drew game.
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