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    THE FINAL SCENE - released in 2001

    Based on the book: The Final Scene, Nancy Drew Files #38, published in 1989
    How Closely Does the Game Follow the Book?: Pretty Closely

    Location: St. Louis, MO

    The Mystery/Crime: Kidnapping

    Mode Of Transportation: N/A (Nancy stays inside the theater)

    Is there an alarm clock in this game?: No, but the days change

    What is Learned About in This Game?: Harry Houdini, magic tricks, working a film projector

    Brief Plot Synopsis: Nancy's friend Maya is kidnapped inside a theater that is scheduled for demolition. Nancy must find her before the building is destroyed.

    Brief Character Synopsis:

    Brady Armstrong - an arrogant actor
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Diego Klattenhoff

    Joseph Hughes - the caretaker of the theater
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Uh, Robert Duvall? I really don't know.

    Nick Falcone - a protester protesting the the theater's demolition
    Actor I would cast to play him if it were a live-action movie or TV show: David Duchovny (even though he's probably a little too old now for the part)

    Simone Mueller - Brady Armstrong's agent
    Actress I would cast to play her if it were a live-action movie or TV show: Whoopi Goldberg

    Phone Characters:

    Bess Marvin - Nancy's friend

    Eustacia Andropov - has a connection with the theater and answers some questions for Nancy

    George Fayne - Nancy's friend

    Mac Ramsey - Police sergeant

    Ned Nickerson - Nancy's boyfriend

    Sherman Trout - an acquaintance of Eustacia

    Other characters:
    Maya Nguyen - kidnapping victim

    My favorite quote: "Watch out for weird people!" - Bess and George

    My Thoughts: The separation of the game into three days with the clock ticking down is unique. It adds a sense of urgency and suspense. I wouldn't want that in every game, but I liked it for this one. It was something different and went well with the plot of having to find someone in a limited amount of time. There are a lot of what I call "red herring views" in this game, which are places in which you can click on something or pick something up but you don't actually use the item or gain anything pertinent to the case by clicking there. I like that they exist as it makes it a little more realistic, but I also think there may have been too many in this game. My favorite thing about this game is that there is a decent amount of interaction with the characters throughout the game. In some games you talk with the characters in the very beginning of the game and then it seems like they barely say anything else for the rest of the game, but in this one the characters say and do a decent amount of things during the whole game. Another thing I liked is the phone conversations, as they were quite entertaining; Eustacia was pretty funny. It's odd that I like using the phone in these games because I hate talking on the phone in real life. I think this is a really good game. It's not one of my absolute favorites, but I liked it.

    My Random Comments: I haven't read a lot of other reviews so I apologize if this has already been brought up, but it is not true that the police have to wait 24 hours to investigate a missing person. They can start investigating at any time, and usually start as soon as possible if the person is a young child or if there is great concern (like if the person might be trapped in a building that's about to be destroyed). If someone you know goes missing, it should be reported right away. As many of you already know, a person is much more likely to be found (and be found alive) within 48 hours of first going missing. Thank you for reading this PSA.

    My Rating: 7/10

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    Looking forward to this!

    Thanks for the review! I purchased "Labyrinth of Lies" from the Halloween sale and I noticed this one also has a theatre theme. I'm looking forward to playing both of them now.