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My FIN review (A must read!) :D

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  • My FIN review (A must read!) :D

    The Final Scene
    (This is going to be different than my other reviews, as I will not be giving the game a point review like, 10/10, for example. I just want to focus on the game other than grading it on a scale).

    Nancy & her reporter friend Maya Nguyen are at the Royal Palladium Theater in St. Louis for the premier of Brady Armstrong’s newest movie. As Maya goes to interview the movies leading man, she is kidnapped! Now you, as Nancy Drew must race against the clock & find Maya before the theater is demolished in just three days.
    Phew! There is so much going on right from the beginning. The opening sequence really introduces you into the mystery and I liked that more than just going on assignment. I also like that you have an allotted amount of time & once you’ve completed everything you need to, it goes to the next day automatically. It’s really a strong & straightforward plot.

    Brady Armstrong- The star of the upcoming movie being shown at the theatre. Maya was about to interview him before she was kidnapped, and from his dressing room no doubt! A typical “Hollywood Hunk” Brady is very into his looks & is driven by his agent, Simone, to always be #1. Could he have kidnapped poor Maya to create more publicity for his movie?

    Simone Mueller- Brady’s headstrong agent, who is always on the phone and finds the tragedy of Maya’s kidnapping only as personal gain for Brady. Simone barley gives you the time of day & comes across as rude, and impersonal. Could she be behind the kidnapping to help Brady’s career?

    Joseph Hughes- The caretaker of the theater, who spends most of his time in the projector room. Joseph has worked at the theater his whole life and although he acts fine with the demolition, is he putting on a front so he won’t be suspect?

    Nicholas Falcone- Fearless leader of the group H.A.D. I.T. or “Humans Against the Destruction of Illustrious Theaters”, you can find Nicholas in the lobby conducting his own business. How far would he go to save this timeless theatre?

    The characters each have their own perfect motive as to why they could be the culprit, so when it came down to whodunit I was pleasantly surprised! Simone is very snappy & rude so I didn’t enjoy talking with her. Nicholas’s voice was weird to me, but he was helpful. Joseph was sweet & I felt bad for him, he seemed lonely. I don’t remember talking to Brady besides in the beginning. Good group of characters that are memorable and improved the game immensely!

    The theatre was beautiful & there were so many places to explore, so it’s ok that the only setting is inside the theatre. You get to visit the theatre, projector room, lobby, backstage, dressing rooms, hallways behind the theatre & a few other places… All the detail that went into each setting was well thought out, I definitely felt like I was in a theatre! You even get to find out some history about Houdini that was very interesting.
    The graphics were so-so for the time the game came out (early 2000’s). But it actually wasn’t that bad! I loved the original interface. The blue border, pocket watch & inventory box. In the new games now, I find it really difficult to have to click on the backpack, and go through each thing in the inventory as all the icons are small & it’s hard to see what I need exactly.

    Game Play/Puzzles:This game isn’t terribly long. Honestly, you could probably complete it in 4-5 hours.
    I think the puzzles have a medium difficulty. You may need some hints but other than that they’re easy to figure out. There’s a good amount of snooping, and you have to read some books to research Houdini… another aspect I like about the older games, instead of looking up veggies on your phone in SHA. There was a slider puzzle that gave me some difficulty but I can’t think of any other puzzle I was really hung up on.

    Scare Factor:Not scary at all! At times I felt like someone was right behind me, and there are a few spots where you get goose bumps it wasn’t anything to hide under the bed over. It was just the right amount of creepy! Nothing compared to MHM or SAW.

    I personally, love the ending, definitely one of the best. It requires you to think quick on your feet & of course you’re under a time constraint and that makes you sweat a little but it’s really well thought-out & completes the game.

    Absolutely in my top 5 favorite ND games, I love the old interface & I think it’s a lot easier to get what’s in your inventory unlike the newer games. If you’re looking for a mystery game, one where you sleuth & snoop, not just do puzzles this game is perfect. If you don’t like being scared but just slightly creeped out, this is a game for you! Definitely a classic ND game that you can enjoy playing over & over!

    Hope you enjoyed reading my review, like always please feel free to leave comments, rate & share your own opinions. Thank you!!
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    That was a great review, here2seetheshow!! Awesome job!
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      Great review! I agree with nearly everything. I love what you said about the characters and the ending especially - this ending truly is one of the best. :D And I also was at times a little creeped out, though not nearly as extreme as MHM standards.

      I loved reading this review. Hope to see more in the future!
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        Aww thanks you guys!! I am almost done w/SAW I'll prolly finish it within the next day or two, so stay tuned for that review!! Glad you enjoyed my review, disneygirl I love your reviews!! They inspired me to write my own, get it girl!
        Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN