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FIN: Totally UNDERrated! (A Lifelong Sleuther's Review)

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  • FIN: Totally UNDERrated! (A Lifelong Sleuther's Review)

    Wow! It has been YEARS since I've picked up FIN - I distinctly remember getting to the game's ending (and knowing it was the ending) but not being able to figure out how to proceed and eventually walking away from the game... This was before I discovered the message boards, of course!

    That said, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I truly feel that FIN is a gem among older games. I'm personally very intrigued by magic - this game even inspired me to do a project on Harry Houdini in middle school! - and as a recent university graduate, I relate more to Nancy in FIN because she's college-aged.

    - The mystery is completely believable. Perhaps in real life the police would cooperate a bit more and the characters wouldn't be allowed on the theatre premises, but aside from that it all makes logical sense.
    - The mystery starts immediately, and the beginning and ending of this game are very fast-paced.
    - Each character has a valid reason why he/she could be the culprit. They all have intriguing personalities, but I have to say that Simone's appearance is a bit creepy... (just an opinion!)
    - The Royal Palladium's layout is realistic, and all of the passageways are believable because the theatre was originally geared toward magicians!
    - The puzzles are possible to complete, even as a Senior Detective, without help from the internet - but they're still challenging enough.
    - HeR's sense of humor shines through in FIN. I loved the production posters and fan mail. Additionally - if you think that Nancy is just now becoming sassy, revisit FIN! She is so sassy in this game!
    - There was never a time where I thought to myself, "I really have no idea what to do next."
    - FIN's music really stands out!

    - There are so many phone numbers in this game that won't reach anyone - not even a voicemail! It would have been fun if HeR had included silly voicemail messages when these numbers were dialed, because I kept calling and calling them throughout the game thinking that they might suddenly become important, yet they never did. It was frustrating.
    - There are a few clickable areas that never end up serving importance, either.
    - In the phone conversations, when George would speak I'd think the voice sounded more like Bess should sound, and vice versa. Just a thought.
    - Why was Nancy accompanying Maya on this interview, anyway?

    Fun tidbits:
    - Simone suggests "Samantha Quick" as a stage name for Nancy.
    - The tape that can be played in the projection room is reminiscent of The Haunted Carousel - which hadn't yet come out.
    - Ned's voicemail at the start of the game states that he's associated with Omega Chi Epsilon. Is he in a fraternity?

    As you can see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons for this game. Of the first 10 ND games, I'm willing to say that this is probably my second favorite!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Great interview! I really enjoyed reading it!
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      Thank you, NDsolver<3! I'm glad you enjoyed it.