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The Final Scene - A review by felicity18

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  • The Final Scene - A review by felicity18

    This game is really fun and interesting. I really liked the Harry Houdini aspect of the game. However, I didn't like how he wasn't featured prominently enough in the game. It would of been nice if he had been part of the mystery much more.

    I really liked how the game took place in a historical theater. I love how there's endless possibilities about what you can find in a place like that with secret passages. To me those places are always so cool and fascinating.

    The characters in this game are varied and interesting. I didn't like Brady Armstrong because he was very much a one sided character. He lacked any kind of dimension or complexity. I especially didn't like Brady's manager Simone. I really didn't like how she took advantage of the kidnapping to get some publicity for Brady. She was just too strange in her management skills. Simone always looked mean and angry all the time.

    My favorite character was Nick the protester who was trying to save the theater for its historical significance. I admire Nick's passion for history and wanting to save the theater. It was nice to see someone so young being so passionate about preserving a piece of history.

    Joseph is the guy who has been working at this theater for most of his life. He was a great character and I really liked him.

    All in all this game is fun and great to play. However, it could of used a little more complexity and dimension

    So I give The Final Scene a 7 out of 10.

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    I do agree that some of the characters are a bit one-dimensional in this game. I mean, anybody who has a complete lack of compassion like the character that you mentioned must be a total sociopath! Joseph came off as a little creepy in my eyes but that's just a personal opinion. In general, I found the characters to be fun and interesting. On a side note, I, too was surprised that Houdini didn't play a more prominent role in this game like I had remembered from when I first played it years ago. Overall, I was very impressed at how clever FIN was for its era and would recommend it more than some of the other old games!