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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I absolutely loved this game. I prefer the earlier games to the later ones (even if some are them are a bit too short). The characters all had great and unique personalities that made me just love talking to them (often times I get bored by all the talking I have to do). This game was next on my list to buy (I buy them one at a time) because I was really interested in the old theater setting. Although the theater itself was a bit dull, I actually liked that aspect. It made it feel more realistic. As for the plot, that was great. It made the game exciting and all I wanted to do was keep playing until the end. And speaking of the ending, this was the best ending I've played so far. Extremely suspenseful and somewhat nerve-wracking, especially if you're like me and take about 10 minutes to figure out what you need to do. In all, I gave this game a 10.


    • I rated this game a 9. I really liked it. It's probably my 2nd favorite ND game that I've played. (Treasure in the Royal Tower was my absolute favorite!) There were very interesting characters, each with their own motive. I suspected everybody at one time or another, I think. There weren't too many puzzles, and there was quite a bit of snooping through people's things and thinking fast. There weren't tacky scares (like hearing "ghosts" or strange noises), but there were a couple "Nancy's going to get busted if I don't act quickly!" moments, which were really fun. Also the game was just a little scary because someone had been kidnapped and you needed to find them. The ending was really fun. Overall it was an amazing game. The only downside was that it was a little short. It was also one of the easier games, at least for me, so I'd recommend it to someone who was fairly new to the games.

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      • Great game

        I loved this game!!! even after I'd finished it, I played thru the end 3 more times! it was sort of short, but very cool.
        I liked that it was kind of creepy, but not scary. The end was totally the BEST ND game ending ever in my book. if you are looking for a game that isn't super scary, but fun this is the one!

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        • I didn't like it at all. I gave it a 2. This is my least favourite game so far.

          Mind you, it was the first really early game I played, so I got stuck all the time. I hated the timed thing, that you had to go home every night etc. And I so wanted to like this game, since it was in a theatre and everything, it just totally failed my expectations.

          I should play it again and see. Hmmm...


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          • Perfect!

            A perfect ten!! Loved this game!


            • I'd give it a 20 if I could!! FIN is the awesomest game in the series!! It truly is the perfect ND! I loved the suspense, thrill, characters, difficulty, and ending! FIN is gripping to say the least, and my all time favorite game!
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              • I gave this game a 10! I think it's one of the best made that HeR has made in the series... I love the Houdini theme!

                This game was definitely magical! (lol)

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                • Although I extremely love this game, I found that I needed Neds help a lot! It was AWESOME but I really got stuck more often then not. All in all.....AMAZING



                  • I really liked this game. It was a good plot(I was totally suprised at the end) and I loved the characters. I had to call Ned alot for help tho. But the puzzles were good. Anyway, I obviously cant hate. Its a really good game. Not perfect tho...
                    I gave it a 7.

                    I think the only reason I gave it a 7 and not a 10 is b/c it was so short!!!!! I HATE working under deadlines. :P
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                    • This is definitely one of my favourites. The snooping, the plot, the time frame, and the *REAL* history and information we could learn all combined to make this game fabulous.

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                      • I thought this was a good game, but there some parts that I thought were kind of tedious. Sometimes I would have nothing to do. But the game was really interesting. I thought the history was really cool too.

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                        • Originally posted by RockUrSox View Post
                          I thought this was a good game, but there some parts that I thought were kind of tedious. Sometimes I would have nothing to do.
                          That's true - to a certain extent. The phone conversations were often a bit lengthy, and sometimes you wandered around waiting for something to happen to Nancy.

                          Yet - that's so realistic! Think about it - a detective doesn't always get things right the first time. He must follow up on every lead. Often they are dead ends.

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                          You like working independently, especially on mysteries!
                          This game says that you don't scare easily,
                          work great by yourself, and love puzzles.

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                          • 10 out of 10!!!! Love brady!!! Great game. Kept me on my toes!!!


                            • I gave this a 6 even though I loved it, just because I'm a bit of a critic. It was just short, easy, and fun. The plot was great though, one of the more darker, realistic plots. The ending is one of my favorites; it was informative and had unique characters.
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                              • I absolutely LOVED this game!!! I rated it a 9 but a more accurate rating for me would've been a 9.5!!! I loved the characters...even Simone!!! I thought they were really well developed...the graphics were good and so was the music. The ending was GREAT...harder than some, but not too hard...and I LOVED the way HER revealed the culprit. The theater was awesome and it seemed soooooo huge. Also the kidnapping idea was really good. By the way, Eustacia Andropov is totally AWESOME!! The more I think about it the more I think I should have rated it a 10.
                                I definitely recommend this game!!! Great job HER!!!

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