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  • ♦♦The Best Final Scene Review Yet!!♦♦

    Maybe it's because it was my very first Nancy Drew game. Maybe it's because I love acting and the theater setting was appealing to me. Maybe it's because The Final Scene was truly an incredible game. Whatever the reason, this game is my favorite of the interactive mystery series.

    Now, I know that simply stating the fact that The Final Scene is the game I like most is not going to convince anyone to buy it or play it. So let me describe the many attributes that make this game near perfect.

    From the start, the player is intrigued with the suspensful mystery, a kidnapping. This emotion is created effectively through panicky music in the background and Nancy's reactions.

    Each character has their own motive that makes them equally suspicious with the other characters; the gamer is curious and becomes determined to discover who the culprit is.

    Anyone who plays this game will enjoy not only the mystery, but also the magnificent setting: The Royal Palladium Theater. The theater is full of intricate artwork and beautiful design... but danger lurks behind every curtain. And an old, mysterious building like the Royal Palladium is sure to have its share of secret passageways, right?

    Even those who nod off during history class will find the historical tales involved with the theater to be spellbinding. A key figure of the Royal Palladium's past is Harry Houdini, a talented magician who often performed there. Could he be involved with the case?

    I must warn you: this game can be scary. No, there are no monsters or goblins, but the thrilling suspense can become overwhelming, and it can give a slightly eerie feeling sometimes. But that just adds to the excellence of the game.

    All of these essential elements of the mystery are summarized in the music. The music adds to the mysterious atmosphere with its haunting rhythms, but can also lighten the mood with a magician's tune. I always think that music can make or break a game, and the music in The Final Scene certainly completes it.

    So, now that you've read this long review, I hope you decide that this is the game you want. Or if you already have it, I hope you're starting to dig through your collection to find this masterpiece and place it in your disk drive. Because this outstanding game deserves it.


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    FIN is my 3rd favorite. I agree about the amazing beginning, it's wild from the start and 'til the end!

    I thought the graphics were beautiful, and the plot was flawless. It always kept moving.

    Reps for an insightful review!
    "For a while these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing..."
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      Thank you for your input. And thanks for the comment about my review.