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The Final Scene Deserves Applause - A Review

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  • The Final Scene Deserves Applause - A Review

    ConnectTheDots' Review
    The Final Scene

    Bottom line: The spunky characters, tension-filled plot and “final scene” may have you calling for an encore (or playing it again and again).


    Nancy's friend, Maya, enters movie star Brady Armstrong’s dressing room at the Royal Palladium Theater to interview the Hollywood hunk. Nancy hears a scream and runs into the dressing room; Maya has disappeared! It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to find Maya before the historic theater is demolished in three days!

    The deadline allows for tense moments throughout the game for Nancy and those playing the game. You can even hear it in Nancy’s voice!


    This may be the strongest group of characters in the entire series. There isn’t a dull one in the bunch and they each have their own memorable lines. Sure, some are not very likable but I find that I love hating them! You can spend a good deal of time talking to the characters and it’s fun to listen to some of the shockingly unapologetic stuff they say.

    The voice acting in this game is a job well done, although Nancy can be a bit too hysterical at times. One second, she sounds like she's going to burst a vocal chord and the next, she's cool and collected.


    Considering that the game is the fifth in the series, the graphics are pretty nice and even better than some of the later games! Most of the characters’ mouths move along with the dialogue, although they sometimes stop talking with their faces in a goofy facial expression if you click a response before they finish.

    The theater is realistic enough, but it’s not very detailed.


    The music in the game fits the magician theme well. When a puzzle is solved, a nice little tune will play, which I like. It’s kind of like Her is saying, “Woo! Go you!”


    There aren’t very many puzzles in this game, but I don’t think that the lack of puzzles takes away from game play. Oddly enough, the fun dialogue seems to make up for the puzzles because it extends the length of the game. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, either. Some of the puzzles don’t really deal with the plot of the game, but they are fun all the same.

    "The Scare Factor"

    There are no jumpy moments in this game, but remember that FIN does deal with a kidnapping and there are some concepts in the game that may be considered frightening.

    Other Odds and Ends

    - The “final scene,” or ending puzzle/activity of this game, is the best in the series (in my opinion)! It’s timed, for one thing, and there are several things that must be done within that time to beat the game. It’s not just a one-click ending as some of the games are, and it isn’t impossible, either. The fact that the player gets to see how much time they have left only adds to the frustration and the fun.

    - Some of the phone conversations are very long because Nancy automatically asks certain questions. I found myself zoning out the second time I played the game.

    - I love the movie posters on the walls of the theater! They’re a nice touch and gave me a laugh.

    - Although the game takes place over a period of three days, it isn't lengthy, by any means. But, as previously stated, the length depends on how much time is spent talking to the characters (both on the phone and in the theater). You do not need to exhaust every conversation to beat this game.

    THANK YOU for reading my review! Feel free to comment with your own thoughts. Feedback is appreciated.

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    Great review! Reps!

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      Great review! That must have taken hours to write it!
      Reps awarded! I might even get the game! thanks!
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        Awesome :)

        Great review! :)
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          Thank you all very much for reading and commenting! =] mikied1357, this review actually took me less time than others. I find that the positive ones are the most fun to write so I can get them down really quickly! :)

          - Em
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            Great Review. I really want to play this game now!


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              dreamadream, thanks for reading my review! This one's definitely one of my faves. =]
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                Completely agree about the characters. I always anticipated speaking with each one of them.

                Great review!
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                  I have to say, I just got done reading your all of your reviews, and they were so interesting and well written!
                  You express your point very nicely.
                  I have played all the games that you have critiqued, and agree with a lot that you have said.
                  Anyways, great review!


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                    LolaWhite, thank you for reading and commenting!

                    Jugheadrunie, thanks so much for the very kind comment. I sometimes read my old reviews and I always find something that I don't like about what I said, but it's nice to read comments like yours that make me feel like I'm doing an alright job. =]
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                      I agree 100% It was one of the better games. My best friend and i played it at camp. Great review!!!!!!!!!


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                        Told you I was going to show up...

                        I've only read a couple of your reviews but they're all so detailed and give exact reasons, opinions, facts, ect...

                        I agree for the most part of this. FIN isn't my favorite, but I'm hiding a smile that brightens the game up more for me. Connet-the-Dots, you have a way with critisisim. You don't throw in nice comments just to get humans to think everybody loves the game, you critisize it like you'll never be hurt. Something appears in your reviews that just, shows people a true review, and it smacks them in the face with words of no mercy. For people that agree, your review would be as heaven on Earth, but for people who disagree don't find the words to match it. You have a talent, don't waste it. Promise me you'll write reviews for many things to show people your a star, a true writer, okay?

                        As always,
                        ~Marykinz~ (P.S., do you have a nickname I should bother calling you? For you will see me a lot with your reviews)
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                          GhostGirl321 - glad you like the game! :)

                          _classified_ (Marykinz),

                          Wow. That is probably one of the nicest comments I've ever received! Again, thank you for reading. This was one of my earlier reviews but I'm glad you still enjoyed it!

                          - Emily
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                            Great review!
                            One of my favorite things about this game was Nancy's attitude. In other games, she doesn't accuse people, and is innocent and acts cool and collected when asking suspects questions. In this game, I loved how she'd talk back; she was really sassy! I remember once she told someone "Your innocent my FOOT" and I loved that! I want Nancy to continue to be back-talking, insulting, and hillarious!
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                              I like your review a lot. The game is fun and the ending is my favorite part because its tense moments between time and your life. I also am giving you reps for your great review.
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                              I HAVE Stayed Tuned For Danger
                              I FOUND The Treasure in the Royal Tower
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