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day 2 projector and control board operation

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  • catsandbooks
    Here are step-by-step directions:
    1. Turn on the main power to the board. The power button is to the left of the microphone. If it is already glowing red, the power is on.
    2. Zoom in on the number pad and punch in the numbers: 121192
    3. Zoom in on the lower panel with the buttons and switches. Press the 2 lower buttons.
    4. To lower the cages onto the floor of the stage, you will use the 2 sliding buttons on the left side of that same panel. Slide both of them down to the very bottom by clicking underneath them.
    5. Press the Magnet button.
    6. Slide both Fader Switches up one notch.
    7. Press the Trap Door Button.
    8. The lock switch is the unlabeled one on the very far right side that looks like a light switch. Click on it.

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  • lilsis14
    started a topic day 2 projector and control board operation

    day 2 projector and control board operation

    so i'm on day 2 and I know I need to
    get the light bulb for the projector or that some piece is missing
    where is that piece?
    it also says I need a key for the projector, where is that key?
    also what do I have to do to the control board operation?


    I found the
    book in the mens dressing room drawer
    but I can't figure out how to lock the controls. how do I lock the controls. spoilers please
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