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Jazz game not working?

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  • Jazz game not working?

    I'm trying to play the jazz game but I don't seem to be able to make it move. The arrow keys on my keyboard don't move anything, and neither do the point-and-click arrows in the game. How do I make the pieces move, am I missing something? I'm playing on Windows 10. Just downloaded this game from Steam.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I've never tried using the arrow keys, but the arrows on screen that you can click should work. I recently played this game on Windows 10 and while the clickable arrows did work, the game pieces moved a lot slower than on my Windows XP. Maybe these issues are similar.

    One thing you could try is running the game in compatibility mode. It might be different for a downloaded version, but for a disk version, you'd do this:

    - Find the game on your computer (the shortcut works, too) and right-click
    - Choose Properties
    - Click the Compatibility tab, check the checkbox for Compatibility Mode, and choose which OS mode to use (maybe try the Windows XP option)

    I hope this helps! Hopefully others have ideas, too.
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      I have different advice if the advice given doesn't help: i remember the arrows on the game being kind of finnicky. I had to have the cursor positioned in just the right spot to be able to click on them (maybe exactly center). Also, if the musical note CAN'T move in a certain direction, then that button can't be clicked. Try going up first.
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