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Spoilers-Cheat Sheet/Hints and Tips Board Modification

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  • Spoilers-Cheat Sheet/Hints and Tips Board Modification

    In an effort to better serve frustrated gamers, we tried having both the Hints boards and the Cheat Sheet boards. This became complicated for gamers, helpers, and the moderators.

    We've decided to do away with the Cheat Sheet boards. If you have a question, post it on the Hints board. We'll try to help with a hint or a nudge in the right direction. If you absolutely must have a spoiler in order to advance, then one can be provided, but will be put into spoiler code - which means it will be hidden inside a black box.

    To view the writing inside the box, simply highlight the box with your cursor.

    To write something and have it appear in the spoiler box, do it like this:
    [spoiler]Put your spoiler here![/spoiler]

    It will look like this if you do it correctly:
    Put your spoiler here!

    And, as always, the forum rules are the same and will be enforced as before.