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CAR Review, from the perspective of a horror lover

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  • CAR Review, from the perspective of a horror lover

    So here we are again...

    From the perspective of a horror lover

    Before we go anywhere, be aware that I love being scared and creeped out. I'm reviewing this game with a creepiness frame of mind.

    Technical issues: For the first time ever, I ran this on Windows 7. It crashed once, near the beginning of the game, while I was playing some of the little minigames. I hadn't saved for a while and I think maybe it had something to do with that. In any case, I ended up ridiculously often after that just in case. Otherwise, no problems.

    Setting: Um... did this all take place in one afternoon? Time never changes; Nancy never sleeps. Putting that aside, the setting was alright... it could have been more detailed, though. Seeing the map every time I wanted to go somewhere was kinda weird.

    Music: The music wasn't that memorable. It wasn't scary. Some weird noises can be heard outside of the haunted house, but otherwise, the audio was pretty friendly and forgettable.

    Puzzles: I don't remember as many puzzles being in this game as riddles. The riddles stumped me every time and I ended up looking at a walkthrough. However, smarter players may have enjoyed the challenge the riddles provided, so maybe they're good.

    Gameplay: Mechanically playing this game, is, again, around the same as any other Nancy Drew game. I enjoyed the fact that there was only one time in the game where I had to actually memorize a number, instead of the game remembering it for me. So that puts it ahead a bit.

    Characters: Joy and Miles, Oh. My. Gosh. These are the best characters (warning: that's probably an overstatement). All of the characters get more complex and intriguing as time goes on, though some not as much as others. Harlan and Joy both turn out to have darker pasts than you'd initially expect. Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine is a fun character, and Joy seems almost demented and adorable at the same time. I really liked interacting with her character.

    Plot: I'm still a little confused, but the plot was alright. As Nancy, you get kind of diverted from your original goal by helping Joy remember her past, but I didn't really mind it.

    Cheesiness: This game was set in a themepark. The location itself was drenched in figurative cheese. The characters weren't too bad, though, and the contrast between the serious characters and the silly setting was nice.

    Overall, how fun it was: As much as I liked talking with Joy and Miles, this game didn't feel very... game..ey. It felt a lot closer to reading a book than playing a game, but I don't know why.

    Overall, how scary it was: This game really wasn't scary. I ruined it for myself, probably, by finding out who the culprit was ahead of time. But there's not much of a sense of danger, and the vibe just didn't seem spooky.

    Here's a quick rundown of the review:
    Technical issues: 3/5. It crashed.
    Setting: 3/5. It was just adequate.
    Music: 2/5. Not scary, not important.
    Puzzles: 3/5. More riddles than puzzles.
    Gameplay: 4/5. No punching in phone numbers.
    Characters: 4/5. Miles was fun, Joy was intriguing.
    Plot: 3/5. It was OK.
    Cheesiness: 4/5. Handles a goofy location well.
    Fun factor: 2/5. I can't explain it.
    Scare factor: 1/5. Just too happy.
    TOTAL SCORE: 29/50. That's 58%. This game was alright, but some parts of it were great, and some were boring. Whether or not it's worth playing is up to you.
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