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Probably the easiest game in the series - perfect for starter detectives

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  • Probably the easiest game in the series - perfect for starter detectives

    Just finished replaying CAR for the first time in years! Even though there are numerous games that I've yet to finish, I've found myself coming back to The Haunted Carousel a number of times... but after completing it again today, I'd argue that it's the easiest game in the series - and also one of the shortest. What do you think?

    Although it's older, I think that CAR would make an excellent first game for starter detectives.

    Here's why:

    - It has the old interface, but doesn't feel super outdated: have no fear - the cell phone is here! Artwork and animation are not bad and the game is easily navigable, whereas in some of its predecessors it can be difficult to find all of the things that you can actually click. I give HeR a lot of credit for including a female engineer as one of the characters. When was this game released, 2003? Engineering is still considered a male-dominated field today, 12 years later. GIRL POWER!
    - The Haunted Carousel can be solved without seeking any outside help, and I don't say this lightly. Aside from one of the games in the Dossier Series, I've not been able to solve an ND game without spoilers since before I was aware that spoilers existed (until now!). Because of this, it's a great stepping stone into the series - not too long/hard and lots of good elements with very few kinks.
    - CAR has a great "classic Nancy" feel. Easter eggs in their traditional sense can be found all over the place which make reference to other early games in the series. We've got a fun and unique setting to explore, plenty of phone pals, sneaking around, some light reading and games/puzzles that actually fit into the mystery. Plus, the mystery is straightforward, and we get a peek into Nancy's home life via Hannah's emails. #Togo

    The downside:

    My one big complaint about CAR is that the characters don't much stand out (besides Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine!). They've all got their stories, but Ingrid in particular barely has anything to ever say to Nancy - and vice versa. Also, I never noticed this before, but I kind of felt that Joy's character was portrayed insensitively by characters other than Nancy. She had suffered a tragedy when she was young and again recently, yet everyone seemed to consider her a lunatic/unstable/lame when in reality she was just lost. I felt really badly for her! Even B & G weren't sure that Nancy should help her mend her wounds. The poor girl.
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    I love your review speakers-blown! I totally agree with you about this being one of the easiest (if not the easiest) ND game. I literally only needed help with maybe 2-3 things in this game, other than that it flowed really nicely & didn't take me long to finish at all. This and DOG are probably the easiest ND games out there and like you said, perfect for beginners. I've only played this and DOG once but I will definitely be re-visiting them come winter time.

    I also agree with you about poor Joy. I know what it's like to lose a father so I could relate to her. I'm not sure why everyone was being so dismissive and kind of mean to her. I was especially surprised when they thought she was doing this on purpose, just to get publicity for the park. Why would she do that? Anyway, it is what it is. Maybe they just did that to add to the mystery so we would suspect everyone..

    I kind of wish we had more interaction with the characters, like Ingrid. I thought she was quite fascinating & I feel like we barely spoke with her. But, other than that, I really love this game. It definitely has a classic ND feel!
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