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My Haunted Carousel Review!

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  • My Haunted Carousel Review!

    Haunted Carousel comes from the Golden Era of Nancy Drew games. It's classic and endearing and is the perfect game to bring in new players. It has it's flaws but still will always special to me. Let's get right to it!

    Plot: Paula Santos, a friend of Nancy's Dad, asks her to visit Captain's Cove Amusement park to investigate a string of accidents that have caused the park to be shut down. Nancy is also informed of the carousel seeming to come to life in the dead of night for no reason. 8/10

    Setting: This game takes place entirely in the amusement park. I love games that are tied to one place. It seems to me that there are always stronger investigations when that happens. However, this game is unique because despite taking place in the park there are multiple areas to explore. We can explore the carousel, the roller coaster, the haunted house, the arcade, artists headquarters, security office, and park hotel. 10/10

    Characters: This game has four characters that we can speak to in person and an abundance of people to talk to on the phone (pretty sure this was to remind people that Nancy has a cell phone now.)
    1. Joy Trent- Joy is the bookkeeper who feels that the park's "curse" is the work of the owner to draw publicity. She is bitter about the loss of her father, who used to work at the park, as well as her mother who died while she was young.
    2. Harlan Bishop-the park's security guard. He has a heart of gold and a mysterious past. Plus he was really sweet to Nancy (free games anyone?)
    3. Elliot Chen- art director. Elliot is behind in his work and is using the shut down to get caught up. He doesn't seem to be close with anyone else but loves talking to Nancy. She is his excuse to get out of his work.
    4. Ingrid Corey- park's technician with hippie and natural views for all issues. She is extremely secretive and defensive as well. 7/10

    Graphics: I felt that carousel was quite good and people continue to be a step up but I was not blown away by the graphics in this game.

    Scare Factor: Despite being based (loosely) on a haunting there is not a scare factor. The only times I jumped were during second chances. 3/10

    Puzzles: There are a fair amount of puzzles but they are not overly difficult, making this game perfect for a new player. Also, there is a good deal of snooping. A person favorite of mine. 9/10

    Overall: 7/10

    I would recommend this game to new players as well as anyone who loves their fair share of snooping. Just keep in mind that despite the title, this game is not scary and is actually quite light hearted.
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    Nice review! CAR was my first game so it's a memorable one for me. Looking back, I think this was a good one to start the series out on, so I'd definitely agree with you on that!
    Anyway, I too like that there's a variety of places to see in the park. The graphics aren't amazing, but it surprises me how realistic the designs are for such an early game.
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!