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MD12 Reviews The Haunted Carousel

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  • MD12 Reviews The Haunted Carousel

    The Haunted Carousel takes place at Captain's Cove Amusement Park, New Jersey, a fictional place where Nancy Drew is called by the park's owner, Paula Santos to figure out what is happening. A carousel horse disappeared and a roller coaster stopped all by itself. What is going on here? It's up to Nancy Drew to find out before something else happens!

    I say this is a pretty cool plot. I have not been to an amusement park in a very long time but from what I hear about them, and this game, it makes me wanna go to a park again some day! I rate the plot 10/10

    Harlan Bishop: He's a security guard who keeps his job seriously despite being a newcomer to the park's staff. Is it possible he is making the troubles in the park and trying to solve them just so he can be on the front page?

    Joy Trent: Her father was the park's co-owner. Joy is like joy-less. Kind of shy and not very sociable. Or is she hiding something?

    Ingrid Corey: She is the chief engineer and keeps up with the rides in the park. Could she be the one with all the haunting?

    Elliot Chen: Art director. Loves to procrastinate. Or does he?

    The characters were awesome. I enjoyed all, though Ingrid can be tough to understand sometimes...I would rate the total 9.5/10. The number of the characters were okay, but it would be nice to maybe add one more 3D character?

    Like I said, it sets in a fictional amusement park in New Jersey, which make sense as there's a lot of parks in New Jersey! I haven't been to one in NJ, well, not that I can remember, but I say the park in The Haunted Carousel looked awesome! I do wish there are more to explore. I would rate the setting 9/10

    Scare Factor
    Some games has a scare factor of one being not too scary to ten being the scariest. I would call this about a four. It's not too scary but there are some cases that can be a little spooky. 4/10

    I don't know why, but this game can't never get old for me, although if I play it too many times in a row, it can get a little boring but I think this game is pretty good! The Haunted Carousel was not my first game though it can be the best game to play first if you are new to Nancy Drew games!

    There are some difficulties, but other than that, this is a pretty easy game. It can also be a good game if you have a busy schedule and only have an hour of free time, The Haunted Carousel is one of the easiest and faster games!

    Despite the scare factor being 4/10 and the setting 9/10, I give this game 10/10! Great job HeR Interactive!
    ~ MD12 ~