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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • 6/10

    This game has the surefire charm of a classic Nancy Drew game... just without the fire. I found the game to be rather lackluster, unfortunately. The setting was really quaint, but I really just don't have much to say about the game in general. It had more potential and just didn't live up to it :(


    • Just finished replaying this game, so I figured I'd come and rate it!

      I gave it a 7/10. I loved the creepy carnival-themed music, but as others have said, the game really didn't live up to its potential. The characters were all relatively bland and I avoided talking to them at all costs. Very few puzzles (I'm a puzzle fan). Also the plot was kind of hard to follow.

      General pros:
      -Quaint/charming setting, even if underutilized.
      -No long/drawn out conversations.
      -Plot advanced when needed, I didn't feel like I had to wander aimlessly around the park wondering what to do next (This happens a lot to me when playing ND games)
      -Not a lot of snooping (I dislike snooping in general, although I realize this is a big "con" rather than "pro" for most players )

      General cons:
      -Very bland/boring characters
      -One completely unnecessary (in my opinion) subplot
      -Not a lot of history/learning opportunities (I find that I learn something new while playing most ND games, but not CAR)
      -Kind of confusing plot (what exactly is Nancy investigating? Like a lot of the earlier games, she appears to start out solving one mystery then kind of half way through ends up solving a completely different one)

      Anyway, those are my thoughts. As others have said, CAR is quite charming, but really the only thing it has going for it is that it is one of the "classics" and therefore has nostalgic value. Overall a generally boring replay.


      • 6/10

        I liked this game, but that's it. Liked. I was a bit disappointed, to tell the truth. I had heard much about this game, but when I played it I didn't see it as much different from any others. Overall it wasn't bad, just bland.
        "Hope is the thing with feathers
        That perches in the soul
        And sings the tune without the words
        And never stops at all.

        And sweetest in that Gale is heard
        And sore must be the storm
        That could abash the little Bird
        That kept so many warm.

        I've heard it in the chillest land
        And on the strangest Sea
        Yet never - in Extremity -
        It asked a crumb of me."

        ~ Emily Dickinson


        • 7/10.

          It was a good game. Good mystery. It was good. Good job, HeR!
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          • I love this game, I remember ordering it when I was 13 and waiting for it to come in the mail! I was so excited, but very let down that I beat it in one sitting.

            Although short, the ideas are great, lots of suspense, and the sundae looks delish :)


            • Rated it a 7 but it deserves a 7.5... Here's why:

              The Haunted Carousel is fairly short and (in my opinion) is the easiest game in the Adventure Series. While seasoned detectives might find CAR too easy, it's got a good "classic Nancy" feel, doesn't have many kinks, and is great for playing between games or in a time crunch. Additionally, it's a perfect introductory game for starter detectives!

              Character involvement brings CAR's ratings down because, as most users have pointed out, none of them really stand out in the series and their importance to game play is less prominent than in most other games.