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A Trickery Ride of Terror

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  • A Trickery Ride of Terror

    The Beginning

    Greetings everyone! Welcome to another review by earthgirl09, the only girl who LOVES to write reviews! Ok, maybe not the only one. Wait, did you take the title seriously, like this game is bad? No worries. It only describes the carousel; haunted. This game had it's many ups and downs, Making it an estimated 5/10. But let's just see about that!

    EarthGirl09 Presents....
    A Trickery Ride of Terror

    The Good
    • We got to interact with the characters alot and know alot about their lives! Including a park officer, artist, and engineer!
    • We get to order food for Nancy in our hotel. Room service, to be exact. But the only time we need to is to answer a riddle. But who doesn't like hamburgers, salads, or sundaes?
    • This game had a little "tweek" of scariness in the Haunted House. Especially in the ending. We learn lots of secrets there, revealing the past of one of the characters.
    • The culprit wasn't all that hard for me to figure out, but had a good purpose towards being it. Everything made sense and kept the carousel turning.
    • The music sounded alot like a carnival or festival song. Especially the one that played in the credits - I love that song!
    • There was alot of snooping in the middle of the game in everyone's private office. And we never got caught, making not seem all to scary, like snooping in Abby's room in MHM. That was scary when she just walked in like that!
    • Two of the midway games were really easy to beat, and sort of fun!
    • This game makes you feel like a seven year old again. Just playing games, riding a carousel, and.....well, that's all the little kid fun.

    The Bad
    • In a few courses of the game, there were a few weak spots. You just got stuck and didn't know what to do next! Of course, you could call Bess and George for a little bit of help.
    • Uhh! Shorthand! I finally got through it!
    • One of the midway games, the one you have to fix, is really hard to beat. You could literally spend 15 minutes playing it!
    • Animation for the people? I can handle that. But the backroud? Nothing looked real. Except maybe the carousel and haunted house, but that''s it.
    • Short game. And easy.

    The Embaressing Moment

    (Everyone, this is a new topic I bring up on my new reviews. I will tell you something embaressing about my experience with the game, and you just laugh.)
    This game literally took me a year to complete. And I later figured out that it was really easy!

    The Fun!
    • We got to use a fun pass and got to play midway games, and earn prizes. Some we didn't need, some we needed later in the game. The Easter Egg involves getting it as a prize at the midway game center. (I don't know what it looks like.) Once we use all five credits of the pass, we can get a new one - for free!
    • We had to fix alot of things in the course of the game. It made me feel alot like a mechanic!
    • "It's Locked."

    The End

    Unfortunately, this is the end of my review. I don't think this carousel is a ride of terror anymore. Maybe a ride of FUN!
    All in all, I suggest you get this game. It was my first one ever, a good example of the Nancy Drew series. It made me come back for more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Should I get this game?
    Like many other people, I reccomend that you get every Nancy game there is, whether it's a part of the series or a part of the dossier series. So I hope you save up alot of money, because you should go on a buying spree!
    2. Your review doesn't state your final rating. What is it?
    You tell me! I don't really like to give them out because in my past reviews, I always got the average (I caculate it out.) and it doesn't appear the way I want it to. Like for example, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I would rate it a 10/10, but then it would appear as a 5! So just see what others have to say about their ratings.
    3. If I ask a question, will it appear on this board?
    Of course! Well, it you want it to. If you want it to appear, put this all alone of you post. If you don't, put this on your post.
    Ex. Did you have a good experience of the game?

    Tell me what you think of my review! Feedback wanted!
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    Awesome review.

    This is literally the first review that's positive about CAR. Now I want to get it!
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      Great review, I think I might get it. I use this other site to buy these games (not illegal, don't worry) so there like 6$. I think this game sounds like fun! Thanks a ton for this review!
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        wow, you're great at reviewing! can't wait to play!
        Hello, I am bgrace14 and I <3 Nancy Drew!

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          Grrrrrrrreat review! Reppies for you!
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            Does this game have a checklist? Earlier
            games like TRT and MHM didn't have checklists
            and I just really'd like to know before I buy it.
            I can't live without my checklist! Anyway, your
            review was very precise, quick and easy. And I
            loved it! Reps!


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              Great review! Loved it!
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                Love the review!

                I saw that our local Walmart sells the old Nancy Drew games. I have a Vista laptop. If I install CAR on my laptop, will the game run/look better? Or will it not work?

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                  Originally posted by NancyDrewgame23 View Post
                  Love the review!

                  I saw that our local Walmart sells the old Nancy Drew games. I have a Vista laptop. If I install CAR on my laptop, will the game run/look better? Or will it not work?
                  Hm. I have a Vista computer (a fast and newishy one), so I guess thats the same. I can run SSH (Scarlet Hand) on my computer, so I bet that CAR could run on your laptop. SSH on mine doesn't exactly run any better because its just naturally old and it still looks oldish. But remember; if the game won't work, try selling it or returning it. HIH!