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  • Sudden Italics
    The last time you used the pass, did you get a notice from the machine you used it in that it was out of credits and being "eaten"? If so, you should be able to ask Harlan for another one...

    If not, is it possible you scrolled past it too quickly in your inventory?

    Edit: I looked through some old threads, and it seem lots of folks have had this happen. If you can't find a pass scrolling carefully through your inventory, and you can't scroll through conversation options with Harlan to ask him for one, it sounds like you may either have to complete more tasks or talk to everyone completely (including on the phone). Do you have any other tasks you can work on?
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  • Wickford
    started a topic Fun Passes?

    Fun Passes?

    I have to win the
    but I don't have a fun pass in my inventory box. i went back to Harlem but he won't give me one. How can i get another fun pass?