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  • Dowel

    Hi, so I broke the dowel and took it to Elliotts to fix it. I measured it but now to wont let me ask him if I can use the equipment or move the dowel. Please help.

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    Usually there's a conversation option where you can ask him to use the lathe, but maybe there's something missing that you have to do beforehand. Here are some things I can think of, maybe one of them will do the trick:

    - Call Tink, if you haven't already
    - Look inside what I think is the band organ of the carousel, if you haven't already (the panel with Tink's note on it)
    - Look at the section in Ingrid's handbook (the one she gave you) on using the lathe
    - (Try to) Look at the magazine, fan, and the piece of paper on the floor in the workshop

    I hope this helps!
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