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    I am at the part where Nancy has to use the lathe machine to make a new dowel for the carousel.

    I have no idea what to do. Someone please help me. This is getting to be so frustrating

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    Originally posted by SnoopySleuth51 View Post
    Take a good look at the old dowel so you know exactly what you want it to look like when you are finished.

    Here’s a spoiler you can try:

    First, measure the old dowel at the workbench at the ruler. On the right side of the machine are the new wood dowels. Pick one up and then put on your goggles. To make a new dowel, insert the wood it into the lathe. Then slide the needle over to the right one time. To set the depth of the cut, click on the lever 3 times. Turn the machine on and repeat until you’re at 11 inches. Now slide the needle over 1 time and click the lever 1 time. Turn the machine back on. Nancy should then say “perfect”!
    Hope this wasn't too confusing.
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