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Foot stuck under roller coaster!!

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  • catsandbooks
    Here is the correct solution from the strategy guide:
    Blue wire goes on top, red wire
    connects to the middle and green on
    the bottom.

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  • nectarinequeen
    started a topic Foot stuck under roller coaster!!

    Foot stuck under roller coaster!!

    I'm at the part where Nancy gets her foot stuck under the roller coaster track and needs to hook the wires up correctly to switch the track and get out. I've tried all six combinations multiple times, but the only thing I can get to light up is that red B button. I know I need to light up the green A button to escape, but I can't figure out how. I've already tried all six combinations and none of them work. Is there a glitch in the game or am I doing something wrong? Spoilers welcome!!