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Fun pass help please please please :(

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  • Fun pass help please please please :(

    I accidentally saved and closed my game WITH my funpass still in the machine not thinking and then when i loaded back up my funpass was gone, it was ASKING for my funpass even though before i saved my game it was INNN the machine and now its gone :( i walked away and ive tried talking to Harlan 50 times and he won't give me a new funpass (probably bc the game thinks i still have my new one) and now im screwed and don't know what to do!!! ive done everything and nothing is working and im really far into the game and im gonna cry if i have to restart the entire thing!!!! PLEASE HELP ME :(((((((

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    There is a cheat that another member discovered that will give you all of the tokens without needing to use the fun pass, but you need a token (any token, I think) and you will need the brass ring already (not for the cheat, but using your fun pass is the only way to get the brass ring). The post about the cheat is on this link:

    I hope it works for you!
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